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KCNB encouraging all groups to Adopt-a-Mile
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Newton Litter Index History

2001 1.67

2002 1.64

2003 1.64

2004 1.81

2005 1.55

2006 1.52

2007 1.55

2008 1.40

2009 1.67 

Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful, has been working in our community for 30 years to provide environmental education through litter prevention, beautification, community programs, solid waste and recycling, and water pollution prevention efforts. As part of its 30th anniversary, KCNB is working to revitalize the "Adopt-a-Mile" program.

More than 700 volunteers in Newton County participated in Great American Cleanup efforts in March, April and May. They gave more than 1,800 hours of their time to clean up litter along local roadways.

KCNB is asking for help from everyone to maintain cleanliness along roadways, not just during the Great American Cleanup, but throughout the year. KCNB encourages civic clubs and business, church, neighborhood and school groups to organize volunteers to pick up litter along roadways near their sites or at other locations across the community. KCNB is especially encouraging all groups that participated in the Great American Cleanup to "Adopt-a-Mile."

Groups that commit to clean up four times per year along one mile of road, street or highway get signs erected recognizing their efforts. Many participating groups use cleanups to foster team spirit and morale as well as civic pride.

KCNB provides vests, gloves and trash bags for all cleanups.

KCNB measures litter on local roads each year. Between 2007 and 2008, litter decreased. However, this year, litter increased.

The litter index scoring is based on a 1 to 4 scale. A rating of 1 means no litter, 2 means slightly littered, 3 means littered, and 4 means extremely littered.

Due to severe budget cuts in the recent economy, government agencies are unable to provide all the resources needed to combat the roadside litter problem. KCNB is working to revitalize the Adopt-a-Mile program to encourage everyone to take responsibility for cleaning up the community.

Covington was the first community in Georgia to have the program. B.C. Crowell, retired long-time chairman of KCNB, started the Adopt-a-Mile program, not just in Newton County, but in the state of Georgia. He has been a positive influence on many people and has made great contributions in Newton County, and KCNB hopes that citizens, businesses and organizations will consider honoring him by committing to the program.

If neighborhoods need help, KCNB offers a Neighborhood Cleanup program. KCNB brings government agencies and neighborhoods together, planning meetings and coordinating services to help neighbors work together to clean up their communities. Neighborhoods can officially adopt roadways and plan quarterly cleanups to maintain and preserve cleanliness and beauty.

KCNB officials is asking all Adopt-a-Mile groups, both past and present, to contact the organization to verify information and update paperwork.

KCNB will send a representative to talk with interested groups to present the program and work out details. Visit or call (770) 784-2015 for more information about Adopt-a-Mile and other programs.