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Juveniles arrested after street fight
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Several juveniles and one adult were arrested Wednesday evening after reportedly fighting on Thrash and Fair streets.

When officers arrived they met with Terry Lamar Norwood who reportedly told them four juveniles had come into his yard and tried to pick a fight with him. The juveniles report of the incident contradicted Norwood's however. According to them, Norwood had approached them and tried to pick a fight.

Juvenile 1 reportedly told officers that he and his friends were walking down the street when Norwood approached them. When one of the juveniles asked Norwood "what's up" he responded and "assumed a fighting stance."

Juvenile 2 apparently told Norwood that he would hit him with a pole, which is when Norwood pulled a knife. As Norwood approached the group with the knife, Juvenile 1 told officers he tried to grab the knife and it sliced his thumb.

Norwood told officers that he did not approach them with a knife, nor did he have a knife on him. Eventually he admitted to having a knife and that he pulled it out and swung it at Juvenile 1 in self defense after they told him they would hit him with a pole. Norwood also said that one of the teens hit him in the face.

At this point, Norwood was arrested and placed in a patrol car. Shortly after the mother of Norwood's girlfriend showed up and reportedly told police that Norwood lived with her and the same group of juveniles had come to the house two weeks ago and had words with Norwood.

Juvenile 1 was charged with simple battery and the other three with disorderly conduct. Norwood was charged with battery and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.