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JJ and Micah perform at Amici
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Howdy, folks! Welcome to another edition of The Minute. Hope all is well out there. Let’s dig in.
Featured Shows:

JJ & Micah, live at Amici in Covington. Friday, June 8, 8 p.m.

Another offshoot of Drive Time, JJ & Micah, just like their counterparts Chris, Jon & Scott, are an exceptional act. They’re pretty unique in the C-town music scene in the fact that they incorporate a lot of jazz, blues, soul and R & B into their sound and repertoire. JJ, Jairus Hardge, is a multi-instrumentalist who usually plays keys in this project. Micah is Micah McKibben, and he plays guitar. They both can sing like nobody’s business. A rich and lush sound, you’ll swear that there’s more than two people playing. They’ve got a varied and deep song list and they’ve been known to do some really unique arrangements. This will be a fun show on College Avenue. Definitely check it out.

Unleaded Angel, live at The Speakeasy in Porterdale, Friday June 8, 8 p.m.

Unleaded Angel is the name of a side project of three members of Sweet Harmony -- Leeanne Blankenship and Ann and Marshall McCart. We’re very excited to finally be playing down at The Speakeasy. Our sound is similar to Sweet Harmony -- definitely folk and Americana, but a little heavier on the country side. We’ll also be doing a few gospel tunes. Ann and Leeanne harmonize so nicely. It’s really something special. Ann handles rhythm guitar and Leeanne plays the mandolin and I mainly just pick and grin. It should be a cool night. We’re really looking forward to it.
The Bitteroots live at The Listening Room at Irish Bred Pub, Saturday June 9, 9 p.m.

A few months back, Ann and I took a trip down to Milledgeville. We caught a set of an exceptional band. I mean, these guys were just terrific. During the break we started talking to a couple of the members outside. The bass player asked us where we were from. “Covington,” we replied. He chuckled and said, “Oh yeah -- that’s where I’m from!” It is a small world. That bass player was Bill Taylor and I know many of you reading this know him and his family. We got to talking about the new Irish pub that was going to be opening and agreed that we needed to get the Bitteroots to C-town and that day is almost here.

The Bitteroots can be described as jam band sound but with blues and rock influences. You can hear some jazz and fusion in there as well. Really, these guys kind of defy genre. Simply put -- it’s simply great! Just a killer band. Founded in 2008, these guys have gigged all over the state and have built a strong name and following at several musical spots -- Atlanta, Macon, Milledgeville, Savannah and points in between. They’ve played shows with Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band, Col Bruce Hampton, Allgood, Michelle Malone and many others.

Their live performances can be described as electric. Lots of energy. Great stage presence. Very good instrumentation. Bill, as I mentioned, plays bass and locks in with drummer Mike Davis to make a superb rhythm section that lays down the foundation of this group. Kyle Bryant is an exceptional guitar player. Killer chops. This guy can lay down some gnarly leads, but he also is great rhythm player and can lock in the groove with Bill and Mike. Derron Nuhfer plays saxophone for the band and that might be the extra thing that really makes this such a great listening experience. It augments the sound just right.

That brings us to the lead vocals. Laura Dees. This woman is something else. Man, she can sing. Great stage presence as well. You put all that together and you get as good a band as you’ll ever likely see live. They’re truly a great group. You won’t want to miss this one. You can follow the band on FB @TheBitteroots.

And remember -- open mic nights at The Social House on Tuesdays and at Sycamore on Wednesday nights. Live music every weekend at The Mystic, Social House, Sycamore St. Pizzeria, Porterdale Bar & Grill, Johnny’s, and others. Hope everyone has a great week.