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I didnt hit you, you hit the bat
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A warrant has been issued for a Covington man who reportedly pushed his roommate into a baseball bat over money for utilities.

Covington Police are looking for 48-year-old Jerry Keith Yarbourgh on charges that he assaulted his roommate, who told them that he was already on probation for assaulting her once before.

Officers were called to a home on Private Drive Wednesday evening and met with the victim who has holding an ice pack to her bruised head. She reportedly told officers that she had been cleaning her room when Yarbourgh had approached her, saying that she owed him $56 for utilities.

She asked him why she had to pay the utilities when she paid all the rent, which is when the arguing began. She told officers that Yarbourgh started yelling at her, and when she told him that if she gave him anymore money, she would be broke for the rest of the month, he started coming toward her and said, "You just can't keep your mouth shut."

Yarbourgh allegedly pushed her toward the bed and the victim told officers that she put her hands up to try and stop him. He then grabbed her cheeks and began to scream at her to shut up. She began to cry and told him to "go away and I'll give you the damn check."

The victim wrote Yarbourgh a check for $20 and told him to take it, then screamed "I hate you!" at him. Her outburst allegedly upset Yarbourgh further and he came at her, pushing her onto the bed and causing her head to strike a bat that was lying on the bed. Officers noted that along with the bruising to the right side of her head, she also had a knot.

When she hit her head Yarbourgh reportedly grabbed her face and screamed, "I didn't hit you; you hit the bat!" He then brought her a washcloth and told her she had better be gone when he got back, and left the home.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Yarbourgh is asked to contact the CPD at (770) 786-7605.