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Honoring the dead
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Dozens gathered in the Covington Cemetery to re-consecrate more than 300 unmarked graves found - many of them believed to belong to slaves.

More than 300 unmarked graves were found in Southview Cemetery (Covington Cemetery) along the portion next to East Street, and more than 75 graves were found in Westview Cemetery at the end of West Street where it meets Hendrix Circle. Len Strozier, a former pastor and owner of Omega Mapping Services, found the graves using ground-penetrating radar.

Several speakers and local officials attended the ceremonies that were held yesterday, including a group of local priests and priestesses, originally from Trinidad, who performed libations for the slaves, a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering in memory of those who have died.

The city paid for the mapping of the unmarked graves and the metal disc markers that ensure the spots won't be forgotten in the future.