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Holidays bring influx to animal shelters
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Tips for caring for your pets during the holidays

  • If you secure your animals while at firework festivities, make sure they are in a cool place, in the shade, and with water
  • If you keep your animals in the house, make sure the doors are locked so they cannot get out if scared
  • If you have guests at your house during the holiday, try to keep your animals away from high-stress situations
  • Make sure your animals are up to date on their rabies shots, especially when hosting guests

As everyone gears up for Independence Day and summer vacations, an undernoted story is often pets who are left behind.
Newton County Animal Control has had an influx of animals being dropped off or left at home this week, according to Teri Key-Hooson, Animal Control director.

Increases in incoming pets tend to happen on any holiday, Key-Hooson said, as well as during the summer months. She said families may go on vacation or take the opportunity to move while kids are not in school. Pets can become too much or a burden in either of those instances, she said.

“It appears to be a hard time for animals all around during the holidays,” Key-Hooson said.

Immediately after July 4th is a high-volume time, too, she said. Dogs get easily scared by fireworks and may break through windows or escape from behind a fence.

Pets are found either by being brought in by their owners or after Animal Control has to go retrieve them.

The shelter has crates they can use during overflow times, but Key-Hooson said they would rather it not come to that.

“Treat your animals,” Key-Hooson said, “like you would treat your children.”