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High temps lead to spring behavior early
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Spring is just around the corner and with it comes warm temperatures and beautiful weather. This past week temperatures reached the 80s setting record highs for this time of the year. The flowers are beginning to open up from the long winter, and local families are going to parks and nature trails around Covington to enjoy the beautiful scenery happening around them.

A few children at Turner Lake and Academy Spring Park, Scoops and Covington square seemed more than excited about the warm weather and being able to play outside.

"I like riding my scooter down the hill," three-year-old Curtis Michael Campbell said. "It's my hot wheel."

Alcovy High School juniors Teedad Miemann, Tiffani Kage, Heather Wilson and Svetlana Warfolomeyeva enjoyed sitting outside Scoops and eating ice cream.

Jack Dougherty, 11, Mack Campbell, 5, and Maggie Campbell, 10, were caught playing tag outside of their parents' shops, Maggie's Attic and My Sister's Closet in downtown Covington. The children said they like playing outdoors but wish a playground was in the square.

"We wish that we could have a park in the center of the square as well," Maggie said. "Then all of the owners' kids along with other kids could have another place to play after school."

Although the official spring equinox doesn't happen until Tuesday, everyone seems to be going outside to take advantage of its early arrival, kids especially.