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Grandma bitten by pit bulls
Woman protecting 1-yearold grandchild in stroller
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 An elderly woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter were attacked by two pit bulls on Spillers Drive late Monday morning.

The woman was walking her granddaughter in a stroller when the two pit bulls reportedly ran toward them, barking. According to 1st Lt. Mark Mitchell with the Newton County Sheriff’s Department, the dogs first went after the child and her grandmother swung the stroller around behind herself to keep the child safe. When she did so she was allegedly bitten on the ankle and calf.

She was treated by EMS for her injuries and Newton County Animal Control took possession of the dogs. According to Mitchell when the deputies arrived at the scene the dogs became aggressive toward him to a point where he was forced to use his Taser to incapacitate one of the dogs, causing the other to run away at that time. Both dogs were found.

The alleged owner of the two dogs, Jeffrey Nunn, was charged with reckless conduct by the NCSO and running at large resulting in a bite by animal control. According to NCAC Director Teri Key-Hoosen, they also are attempting to have the dogs declared as dangerous animals, which will mean a host of added responsibilities for the owner in order to regain control of the dogs.

Animals who are involved in a bite are quarantined by NCAC for 10 days before they can be released so the animals are currently at the shelter. If he regains control of his animals after they are declared dangerous Nunn will be required to keep the dogs in a pen with four sides, a top and a bottom with the sides encased in concrete and a locked gate, they will have to be kept on a leash when outside of the pen and under the control of an adult, the owner will be required to have an insurance policy that covers the dogs and the animals will have to be muzzled when out in public.

According to Key-Hoosen this particular owner and these dogs have not had charges or complaints against them in the past. There have also not been an excessive amount of complaints in the particular area of Spillers Drive.