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Georgia Chamber poll shows ‘strong’ support of Rivian development
Rivian truck
A Rivian truck sets on display in Atlanta on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021, before the electric vehicle manufacturing company announces it will soon build a facility at Stanton Springs. (Taylor Beck | The Covington News)

ATLANTA — An independent poll commissioned by Georgia Chamber showed supporters of the Rivian development in Stanton Springs outnumbered its opponents 2-1.

Cygnal, which has been named the most accurate polling firm in America by the New York Times, surveyed 450 random registered voters in Jasper, Morgan, Newton, and Walton counties about Rivian’s incoming $5 billion electric vehicle manufacturing facility. Results showed that 49% of people aware of the project were supportive of the idea. Only 24% were against it. But, of the 450 surveyed, only 54% were aware of the project.

According to the poll, respondents cited the positive impact the facility will have on local community jobs, businesses, schools, and healthcare as primary reasons for their support.

“This poll confirms the widespread positive sentiment that we’ve felt within the community and the state since the Rivian project was announced in late December. While there is certainly more work to be done by the state, local community and Rivian, citizens recognize the immense opportunity that this project represents for families, local businesses, schools and area infrastructure,” Georgia Chamber President and CEO Chris Clark stated in a news release. “For years, the Stanton Springs community and the state have worked together to bring high-quality, cutting-edge businesses to the area in conscientious ways. This poll reflects the community’s optimism that they can grow responsibly while maintaining the values that have made this region special.”

The poll reportedly has a margin of error of +/- 4.6% and was conducted on Feb. 11-13.

Announcement of the poll results came on the heels of Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue’s opposition to the project. The Republican announced his intentions Monday to speak at Play Fair Park in Rutledge at 5 p.m. Tuesday. His goal is ““to stop Soros-funded Rivian and protect rural Georgia.” In a statement Monday morning, the campaign ripped the $5 billion project that is bringing 7,500 jobs to Morgan and Walton counties.

Clark said Georgia Chamber called the efforts of Perdue and candidates opposed to the development “counterproductive and harmful to the long-term economic prosperity” of the community and state.

“We are committed to helping the Department of Economic Development and local partners facilitate a transparent and environmentally friendly plan of action that leads to the same kind of economic success and corporate stewardship we see across Georgia and call on political candidates to do the same,” Clark said.

“Unfortunately, recent efforts by candidates from both parties to criticize economic growth projects, local efforts or major sporting events for political gain are counterproductive and harmful to the long-term economic prosperity for our communities and the economic mobility of the next generation. The Georgia Chamber is committed to the lives and livelihoods of the residents of the Peach State and hope that it will be the priority for anyone seeking elected office as well.”