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Gas prices, weather, improve for Memorial Day weekend
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Some residents may be worried that gas prices and the current trend of bad weather could hinder their Memorial Day weekend plans of travel and outdoor fun.

However, Memorial Day weekend may not be so bad after all. According to, gas prices right now are at $3.69 at some stations in Covington. The highest price reported for Covington is $3.73.

This means - from the lowest price - Covington is paying six cents less for gas than the average Atlanta resident and 11 cents less than the average U.S. citizen. Gas prices one month ago were about $3.79 and peaked around $4.01 May 12. The current trend has been that gas prices are falling.

In terms of weather, today should be the worst day of the week. With a partly cloudy high of 84, however, there is nothing worth complaining about.

The trend shows the clouds dissipating and the temperature rising progressively as the weekend continues.
The weather is expected to reach its highpoint Memorial Day - sunny with a high of 93 and a zero percent chance of precipitation.