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Free golf cart shuttle to be offered on the Square
City of Covington Parking Authority to launch complimentary golf cart shuttle

Visitors to the Covington Square unable to find a parking spare directly in front of their dining or shopping destination, will not have to worry about walking.

Beginning June 16 the Parking Authority and Chamber of Commerce will fund a two month trial golf cart shuttle program.

The shuttle will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week from 5-10 p.m. and will pick riders up in the Judicial Center parking lot off Usher Street. It will take riders to the corner of Hunter and Clark Streets where it will also pick up riders wishing to return to their vehicles.

To utilize the service, riders must park in the Judicial Center parking lot.

“This is exciting for our community. It is about being creative and thinking outside of the box,” Covington mayor Ronnie Johnston said of the new program. “Because space is limited, we can’t create more parking spots on the Square, so we looked at a way to transport those to the Square who can’t or don’t want to walk. This shuttle should meet their needs.”

The Parking Authority is hiring locally owned Fat Boys Golf Carts to run the shuttle, handling everything from securing the golf carts to providing insurance and drivers.

“By committing to this two month trial, we are gauging interest from the community,” Johnston said. “If it works, we will explore options to keep the shuttle running. It will be a unique, exciting addition for everyone coming to the Square.”