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Free body composition tests on Sat.
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Health and Fitness Expo attendees will have a chance to check their body fat and receive free consultations.

DBA-Multi-Care Holistic Health Center will conduct free body composition and metabolism tests during the health fair. The test will show the percent of body fat, water and lean body mass, said Gina Johnson, CEO of DBA-Multi-Care Holistic Health Center.

“It’s a test where the person lays down on a table [and] we attach electrodes to their right foot and their right hand and it’s attached to a machine,” Johnson said. “It calculates a number for us that we are going to enter into a computer system, and we will be able to print a report that tells the percent of body fat the person has, the percent of lean body mass and the water weight they are holding.”

“It will also calculate where they need to be [in] a normal range of fat versus lean body mass. So we will be able to tell the people getting the test where they need to be and what percent they need to lose,” Johnson said. “It explains how their metabolism is basically working.”

“It’s a painless procedure that takes just a couple of seconds,” she said.

Johnson said during the free consultations, solutions will be offered to suggest ways people can correct their body fat levels. In addition, the Holistic Health Care will discuss how the clinic in can help individuals with any of their conditions or concerns.

“In our clinic, what we do is we can make changes to a person’s diet, to his or her nutritional levels, exercise levels or whatever to see the changes that we can make that will change those numbers for them to help them lose body fat and help them maintain their lean muscle mass,” Johnson said. “We are going to discuss with people what their options may be.”

Johnson also discussed the significance of knowing your body fat levels and listed some of the illnesses associated with having excessive body fat.

“It’s important to know because if you have excess body fat, it can contribute to a lot of health conditions. When you have too much body fat versus lean muscle mass you are putting yourself at risk to having heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and metabolism disorders,” she said.

“It’s going to show them whether they are in a normal range or not,” Johnson said. “We are going to show them [if] their body fat range is out of range.”

DBA-Multi-Care Holistic Health Center is located in Conyers at 1650 Honey Creek Commons, Suite F. More information about the clinic can be found by at