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Four charged with drug possession at Newton High
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Four students were charged with possession of marijuana, in two separate incidents, at Newton High School Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Newton High School Resource Officer, Felicia Jefferson was notified by an administrator that three students were in possession of marijuana. After a search by the administrator, Jefferson had probable cause, and took the marijuana from the students, she said.

According to reports, juvenile intake was notified and a juvenile complaint was filed for all three students —under the age of 17.

Later that day, a Newton County Sheriff’s deputy was walking near the boys’ restroom closest to the student parking lot, according to reports.

The deputy “immediately smelled the loud pungent odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the male student restroom,” the deputy said. “The odor got stronger as I approached the restroom.”

The deputy then searched the two students based on probable cause, stemming from the smell of marijuana, according to reports.

Jai Ammari Wade was arrested for possession of marijuana.