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Five arrested after bar fight at Depot
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Five people were arrested following a bar fight early Friday at a Covington nightclub.

Police were called to The Depot at about 1 a.m. in response to a complainant who called to report tensions rising in the bar.

Jason Warren stated he saw two women fighting in the bar. An unknown male attacked one of the women, and Warren stated he tried to pull the unknown man off of the woman.

Warren was then knocked to the floor by another unknown male and struck in the head with a beer bottle wielded by 23-year-old Mitchell Wilbanks. Other witnesses told officers that Wilbanks was in fact the aggressor.

The officers also spoke with the complainant, who stated she tried to calm the fighting men down when she was spun around and struck in the face three times by 20-year-old Kristen Wilbanks.

At this point the complainant stated everyone was pushed out of the bar and the altercation escalated.

She told officers that 22-year-old Joshua Grindle and 32-year-old Joshua Suttles were fighting. Suttles then began fighting with Mitchell Wilbanks while Grindle backed away and allegedly pulled a knife.

The officers arrived at this point, and they saw Grindle charging the crowd. When Grindle noticed the police, he dropped the knife. Grindle later admitted the knife was his, but claimed he drew it in self defense.

As police began placing people under arrest, Kristen Wilbanks was reportedly screaming profanities and racial slurs at the officers. Timothy Grindle, 29, was also found with injuries; however it is unknown as to how they were sustained.

Suttles, Timothy Grindle and Kristen Wilbanks were each charged with disorderly conduct and Kristen Wilbanks was also charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor. Joshua Grindle was arrested for aggravated assault. Mitchell Wilbanks was arrested for two counts of felony obstruction and battery.