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Fire shuts down Turner Lake Rd Arby's
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A small electrical fire left the Arby’s on Turner Lake Road shut down Sunday evening through Monday.

As of 10 a.m. Monday, the restaurant was still closed due to the utilities being out, after being disconnected from the fire.

According to CFD Fire Marshall Tony Smith, contractors were working on the building during the weekend, in the area of the parapet wall where neon lights run on the outside, and electrical wiring runs on the backside. Wires were left exposed and a small fire ignited on the Arby’s roof.

“They don’t know exactly what happened, but something appeared to happen electrically,” Smith said. “Wires appear to have been left bare and energized to cause a small fire on the parapet wall.”

Due to that, the power and utilities had to be disconnected from Arby’s. Smith said approximately 16 fire department personnel were on the scene.

Covington utilities employees are working on getting out to the restaurant today, but being restricted by the weather.

“Weather permitting, Arby’s is expected to open (Monday),” Smith said.