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Fire department: hydrants to be tested soon
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The Newton County Fire Department is required to test their municipal water sources (fire hydrants) on a twice yearly basis in order to receive maximum credit from the governing body of insurance ratings for property in the community, the Insurance Service Organization.

Often, when this process begins, the Water Authority and Newton County Fire will receive multiple calls from concerned citizens about "dirty" or muddy water they can experience when they turn on their water taps for the first time after the hydrants in their area have been tested, according to Deputy Chief of Operations Kevin O’Brien. But rest assured, the water is not contaminated and it is completely safe.

"What happens is that when we open these hydrants to flow/test them we disturb the sediment within the water lines," he said. "This is what causes the ‘dirty’ water."

In order to eliminate this, citizens are advised to run their water for several minutes in an effort to eliminate the built up sediment.

"We take pride in ensuring our citizens are well protected," said O’Brien. "To do this, tasks such as testing fire hydrants must be completed two times a year."