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Fight leads to two arrests
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Two men were arrested Monday afternoon, after calling 911 for help during a fight.

Officers from the Covington Police Department headed toward the home on Middlebrooks Street and were met with 20-year-old Thomas Johnson. He was bloody and had swelling to his forehead, lacerations to his right arm and told officers he had been kicked in the ribs. He told officers that he was at a home drinking when 41-year-old Arthur Williams became upset and began striking his wife. Johnson reportedly told officers that he intervened and Williams then began striking him in the forehead.

While an ambulance checked out Johnson's injuries, officers went to Williams' home and spoke with his wife. She told them that "two men jumped her husband for no reason" and that one of the men had beat him with a stick. She said Williams was inside the house injured.

When officers spoke with Williams they noticed he had a bloody nose and a few scratches on him. In his version of the story, Johnson had jumped him for no reason and the fight continued out onto the front yard. He said that Johnson's cousin also joined in the fight.

Officers then spoke with a woman who was outside watering her garden when she heard a loud noise coming from the house. According to reports the woman saw the "ruckus"
carry out into the yard. She allegedly told officers that they were all fighting with one another and that Johnson's cousin had run off when authorities were called.

Williams and Johnson were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.