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Fast food mgr. threatened over fries
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Police are searching for a black female who reportedly tried to run over a McDonald’s manager because her French fries were served cold.

The restaurant manager called for police assistance around 1 p.m. Tuesday. When officers arrived he said that everything started over fries. The customer reportedly complained that the drive-thru employee had made her fries cold by holding her bag out of the window of the drive-thru. She demanded fresh fries, and the employee gave her a new container, fresh from the fryer.

Then, she demanded a refund. Although the employee walked a refund out to the woman’s car, she still refused to leave the drive-thru area, according to reports, forcing McDonald’s employees to walk out and hand deliver all orders to the vehicles in line behind her.

The manager told officers that he approached the woman and told her she needed to leave the property, since she had received a refund already and was “just being a nuisance,” according to the report. Her response was to throw a bag of food, which hit an employee, according to reports, though she did apologize.

The manager told officers that she then began taking pictures of him with her cellphone and refused to leave until the manager told her he was calling police. He said the woman drove off, but the circled the building and started coming straight for him. He told officers that as he moved out of the way of her car, the woman was laughing at him, and that she blew kisses at him as she left the parking lot.

Officers ran the tag number the manager had gotten from the vehicle the woman was driving, an older model Chrysler in poor condition, but that it came back that plates did not exist for the car.