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Family feud with Bobo and a broom
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Police responded to a couple fighting over the custody of their child Friday and arrested one person.

They spoke with the couple and the female reportedly told them her child's father and boyfriend of two years, Kevin Bobo, was threatening to take their 10-moth-old away from her, causing a heated argument between the two.

The victim allegedly told officers that when she told Bobo he was not going to take her child, he "began to scream at [her] and punch her in the face." She said she grabbed what she could to defend herself - which turned out to be a plastic broom handle - and struck Bobo over the head with it. According to reports, she told officers the two had gotten into fights before but never one of this magnitude.

Bobo reportedly admitted to officers that the couple had been drinking and that he "got really upset and lost his cool." He also admitted to striking his girlfriend, according to reports and said that it was his fault and he "didn't want anything to happen to his girlfriend."

Bobo was arrested and charged with battery under the Family Violence Act.

Shoplifting for movie night
A Covington man was arrested and charged with shoplifting a variety of items from Kroger Thursday morning.

When officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the store, they met with a member of security who pointed out a man, later identified as Leo Graham, standing in line with items concealed in his pockets. When Graham came outside, officers could see a rolled up magazine in his coat pocket and asked him what he had in his pockets.

Graham reportedly asked, "What do you mean what do I have in my pockets?" at least twice before officers went ahead and handcuffed him and charged him with theft by shoplifting.

When he was searched, officers reportedly found two die-cast cars, the magazine, one box of chocolates, a DVD and four packages of popcorn. The items totaled $40.21.