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Family feud breaks out over jewelry box
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A woman and her mother-in-law were arrested after an argument over a jewelry box turned physical Friday evening.

Officers were called to a home on Grey Wolf Lane by 36-year-old Ibtihaj Sharifah Alexander. She reportedly told them that when she arrived home and walked into her bedroom she could tell that her jewelry box had been sorted through. Since the only other person home at the time was her 64-year-old mother-in-law Desiree Antoinett Girard, she went to her room to ask her about the jewelry box.

Alexander allegedly told officers that when she asked Girard if she had been in her jewelry box her mother-in-law admitted she had, but said that her son (Alexander's husband) had given her permission to go in and look at some items.

At this time, Alexander was in Girard's room, and according to statements given to officers by Alexander, Girard pushed her, and when Alexander told her not to do that and Girard pushed her again, a mutual fight began.

Alexander said that Girard pushed her onto the bed and was "grabbing at her," but she was able to raise up and get off the bed. At that point, she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, ran back into Girard's room and told her that "if she touched her again she would have no choice but to defend herself."

Reports indicate that Alexander told officers that she put the knife back in the kitchen drawer and left the home, heading to Zaxby's to call 911 and have officers meet her at the home. Officers noted scratch marks of the left side of Alexander's upper chest area and a small cut at the bottom of her gums.

When officers spoke with Girard, she told them she had been lying in bed when her bedroom door opened and Alexander began accusing her of being in her room and going through her things. She reportedly told officers that Alexander began walking into her room, telling her "she has privacy in her bedroom and she does not need to go in there for anything."

Girard allegedly told officers that she felt uncomfortable because Alexander was being "loud, rude and using profanity." She said she noticed that her daughter-in-law's hand was also behind her back. When she told Alexander to leave, the younger woman reportedly spit in her face and Girard admitted to punching her. At that point Alexander threw a coke bottle at Girard and, according to reports, pulled a knife from behind her back and said "this will not keep happening." After a scuffle on the bed, Alexander ran from the room.

Officers noted that Girard, like her daughter-in-law, had scratches. However, she also had marks on her arm that appeared to have come from a knife.

Both women were arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Girard was charged with Family Violence Act battery and Alexander was charged with aggravated assault.