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Fairy Houses show off the designs of the imagination

Spring in Georgia is known for a lot of things — flowers in bloom, deer running through wooded areas, bees flying from blossom to blossom and the occasional spring storm.

In Newton County there is an additional item related to spring — the return of fairies.

This spring the fairies return to Chimney Park on May 7 from 2-5 p.m. as the park hosts the annual Fairy Festival. The festival brings people young and old to the park to enjoy intricately crafted fairy houses.

Fairy Houses will dot the landscape of Chimney Park during the festival, thanks to local businesses and individuals who turn into contractors of the small, whimsical domiciles to the mystical.

According to the Fairy Festival organizers, the builders of these houses, all have one predominant qualification — imagination.

All-natural materials are used in the construction, from materials found in yards, gardens and woodlands. These materials may include, but are certainly not limited to, shells, twigs, rocks, leaves, pinecones, feathers, and much more.

Items can be glued together using a hot glue gun, or tied together using vines, or any other creative way of holding it together. Ideally, the house should look like just another part of nature, albeit with a bit more style, as to attract more fairies to live inside it.

This activity is aimed at giving kids and grownups alike a new view on nature, as well as a new respect for it, and also giving them a greater knowledge of history.

Building the fairy houses and putting them in the forest isn't the only fun to be had at the Fairy Festival. The festival will feature face painting, a bubble man, a wishing tree, rock painting, a scavenger hunt, fairy wing making, making fairy bells and fairy doors.

There will also be vendors there with food and treasures to enjoy while soaking up all the springtime festivities.

Fairy houses can be dropped off at Chimney Park Friday, May 6 from noon-5 p.m. or on Saturday, May 7 before noon. The cost of entry to the event is $5, but children 2-and-under are free.