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DUI driver urinates in patrol car
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A woman arrested for drunk driving reportedly urinated in the patrol car after being arrested in the wee hours of Oct. 26.

A deputy from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department received a call that a car was in a ditch on the west side of Interstate 20. When he arrived he found a small green car still running in the ditch off of the highway and he also noticed a female sitting in the driver’s seat. Other deputies were on the scene and were talking with the woman.

The deputy approached the driver’s window and noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the woman in the car. The deputy tried to speak with her but, according to reports, she was confused as to where she was and who they were. When asked where she was coming from the woman reportedly yelled "The bar!"

While speaking with the woman, identified as 25-year-old Brea-Ann Worth, her speech was reportedly so slurred that it was hard to understand what she was saying, and at one point she began crying. The deputy told her they needed to get her out of the car and she screamed "No!" and then told the deputies that she was going home.

When the deputy tried to help Worth out of the vehicle she pulled away from him and reportedly pushed him back. She was told she needed to step out of the vehicle but the deputies had to pull her from the vehicle to get her out of the car. Once out of the car Worth allegedly pushed the deputy off the hill they were standing on, at which time she was placed in a patrol car.

While in the car, the deputy tried to ask Worth some questions and she reportedly cursed at him and continued to do so when she was read implied consent, telling the deputy in a not-so-nice way that she would not be taking the test.

Worth was advised she was being arrested and charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane. As she was transported to the Newton County Detention Center she reportedly urinated in the vehicle and kept telling the deputy he was hurting her and to stop the car.


No line there

Officers from the Covington Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Oct. 25 and ended up arresting a man for several alcohol-related offenses.

According to reports, a concerned citizen contacted authorities and told them he was on Interstate 20 following a black vehicle weaving all over the road that had almost struck several vehicles. The officer arrived and was able to see for himself the driver weaving on the road, at one point even traveling across all three lanes of traffic, with no regard for other drivers.

The officer activated his emergency equipment but the driver allegedly ignored the flashing lights and continued at roughly 30-40 miles per hour, weaving, and went past another exit before finally pulling over.

The officer approached the driver and told him and his two passengers to keep their hands visible until other officers arrived as backup. He then asked the driver, 48-year-old Melvin Heath, to exit the vehicle. As he did so, the officer allegedly noticed a bottle of liquor in the floorboard and that Heath was unsteady on his feet. The officer asked Heath why he did not immediately pull over and Heath, according to reports, could not provide an understandable answer.

Heath was asked to perform sobriety tests but was unable to do so. The officer reported that when he told Heath to imagine a straight line on the ground and then walk that line, Heath kept staring at the ground and saying "there is no line." Heath continued to stand in the same area and "ramble incoherent statements," according to the officer’s report.

When asked where he was coming from, Heath told the officer he as visiting his brother but, according to the officer, he had a hard time getting any logical answers from Heath. He was placed under arrest but when he was read the implied consent for a breath test, Heath would not answer yes or no to the questions, reportedly telling the officer he had not been asked a question so he would not answer yes or no.

The officer located an open, nearly empty 200 ml bottle of 80-proof gin on the driver’s side floorboard and an open, almost empty 375 ml bottle of 80-proof gin on the passenger floorboard.

Heath was transported to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with DUI less safe, failure to drive in lane and open container.