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Dry dog food stolen from animal control
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Thirty-three bags of dry dog food and three bags of cedar chips were allegedly stolen from the Newton County Animal Control, according to employee Terry Keyhooson.
Keyhooson said the items had been stored in the right side of the building. She said the passage way had been unlocked at the time the items were allegedly stolen on Wednesday or Thursday.

Domestic dispute begins with a visit to The Depot
Torrance McCollum called his wife Amanda McCollum on Thursday and asked her to pick him up from The Depot because the bar employees were allegedly going to call the police if he attempted to leave in his vehicle.

Amanda McCollum told police she went to pick him up. She said on the way home, her husband became angry because she would allegedly not take him back to the parking lot to get his car. She said he allegedly began punching the dashboard of her car and began screaming at her. She said she then stopped the vehicle at Tony's Store on Ga Highway 36 and told him to get out of the car. She then went to her house and picked up his mother, who lives with them, so she could get her husband to calm down. Amanda McCollum said they found him walking, picked him up and brought her home, where Torrance McCollum allegedly continued the argument.

When they arrived home Amanda McCollum said her husband followed her into the laundry room and allegedly began to physically assault her by shoving her in the chest. He allegedly accused her of taking his car keys. She said she did not have the car keys and that he had left them in the car. She said her husband demanded that she take him back to The Depot to get his car. She told him she would not take him back to The Depot and that he was too drunk to drive.

Amanda McCollum said when she went to the bedroom to lay down and give her husband a chance to calm down, Torrance McCollum then allegedly came into the bedroom and demanded she give him his keys. Once again, she told him she did not have the keys. Torrance McCollum then allegedly punched a hole in the wall and started throwing a fan, as well as other items around the room. The act was committed in the presence of Amanda's daughter, who was standing outside the bedroom door.

Amanda's daughter said her mom allegedly ran down the stairs and Torrance McCollum followed her. Their daughter said Torrance McCollum was allegedly the primary aggressor and kept demanding for her mother to give him the keys to the car so he could drive to The Depot. Amanda McCollum allegedly told Torrance McCollum "no" and he allegedly tried to forcefully snatch the keys out of her hands.

Amanda's daughter then said Torrance McCollum allegedly began shoving her mom against the door. She said she ran over and told him to get off her mom and allegedly tried to stop him from shoving her, but said she was unsuccessful in defending her mom.

At that time, Torrance McCollum allegedly turned his aggression toward Amanda's daughter. He allegedly began to scream, curse at her and push her to the ground. This occurred in front of Amanda's other child, a minor.

Amanda McCollum tried to stop Torrance McCollum from hitting her daughter but he allegedly shoved her again. Her daughter said she ran upstairs and called 911 for help.

Torrance McCollum was then transported to the Newton County Detention Center and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Battery and Cruelty to Children in the 3rd degree.

Photos were taken of the red marks on Amanda McCollum's chest and a Family Violence Act report was filed.

Alleged drunk driver at Golden Automotive
Police responded to a drunk driver call on Thursday about a female who allegedly appeared to be intoxicated.

The female, identified as Brynn Stephens allegedly appeared and smelled to be intoxicated. Stephens was allegedly trying to get her tire fixed at Golden Automotive.