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Drunk driver wets himself
Allegedly drives recklessly on Interstate 20
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call Saturday night when citizens reported that a silver Impala was wandering over the road on Interstate 20 East and slamming on its brakes.

While on the way to stop the vehicle, the deputy received a call from another NCSO employee who told him he was behind the Impala and that the driver was driving all over the road and had almost stuck the bridge near exit 93.

The deputy caught up with the driver and activated his emergency equipment and, according to reports, the driver reportedly slammed on his brakes and then continued to drive. The driver then attempted to pull to the shoulder of the road but stopped in the middle of the slow lane, according to reports.

The deputy activated his PA system and told the driver to pull off the road and the driver allegedly complied, but pulled off at an angle. The deputy got on the PA once again and told the driver to pull forward and the driver complied.

He then exited his vehicle and the deputy noticed the man reportedly appeared unsteady on his feet and had to hold on to the vehicle to keep his balance. The report also indicates the man had urinated on himself.

When asked for his name, the man allegedly identified himself as William Adrian Tomblin, 40. When asked how much he had to drunk, Tomblin reportedly stated "One beer earlier," although the deputy states in his report that Tomblin reeked of alcohol on his person and breath.

Tomblin’s license listed a Norcross address, but when the deputy asked him where he was headed, Tomblin reportedly said he was on his way home and that he lived "the next exit here off 85."

The deputy requested that Tomblin perform some sobriety exercises, and he allegedly agreed to do so, but as they were talking, Tomblin was reportedly swaying from front to back. He also had trouble telling his left foot from his right foot and continued to sway from side to side even while standing still, according to the report.

While performing the tests, Tomblin reportedly stopped at one point and said to the deputy, "Man, I work for the county and you gonna’ do this to me? Man, come on." He then attempted to complete the sobriety test but stopped, allegedly saying "I can’t do this, man."

At that point, Tomblin was arrested and placed in the back of the deputy’s patrol car. While en route to the Newton County Detention Center, Tomblin continued to plead with the deputy, reportedly saying that he worked for DeKalb County government and that "he was the same thing" as the deputy. When the deputy asked Tomblin what he did for the government, he allegedly stated he worked for the Parks and Recreation Department.

During a search of his vehicle, deputies reportedly found a 22 ounce Bud Light Lime bottle with one-fourth of the bottle remaining, a small empty bottle of Absolut Vodka and a small empty bottle of Bacardi Rum.

Tomblin was charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane and having an open container of alcohol.