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Driver gets littering citation after throwing lit fireworks out of truck window

A Covington 19-year-old was cited and released Feb. 23 for littering and illegal dumping after admitting to police he had thrown lit fireworks out his truck window.

 According to the Covington Police Department incident report,  a woman called Newton County 911 when she noticed that the driver of a gray Ford Ranger had lit and thrown fireworks out of the truck's  window while traveling south on Alcovy Road and passing City Pond Road.

The woman said that as she approached and stopped the red light at Alcovy Road and Industrial Boulevard, she saw the pick-up driver light and toss out a "box style" pack of fireworks that exploded and bounced off of her car.

According to the report, the woman told police she followed the truck while staying on the phone with 911. She followed the vehicle west down Highway 278 into the Chick-fil-a parking lot before losing it.

After searching the area, officers were unable to locate the Ford Ranger . However, they did acquire information on the driver from the truck's tag.

According to the report, authorities later contacted the driver and asked if he could come to the station, which he did.

When questioned why he thrown the fireworks,  the 19-year-old reportedly responded, “Just having some fun”.

He was released and issued a citation for littering on a public roadway.