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Doug Holt to seek reelection
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State Rep. Doug Holt (R-Social Circle) announced Thursday that he will seek reelection for a fifth time.

Holt's 112th District has historically voted solidly Republican, and he ran unopposed in 2010.

He is the owner of Newton Computing Corporation, a software and consulting firm.


Doug Holt's press release:

Stating that "I remain focused on keeping the state fiscally disciplined, especially considering the slow pace of economic recovery", State Representative Doug Holt kicked off his re-election campaign.

Holt emphasized, "Georgia continues to be one of the most fiscally responsible states in the union, the result of hard work and difficult decisions. So even though revenues are finally growing again, and perhaps for that very reason, we must remain committed to the kind of discipline that has lead the Tax Foundation to rank Georgia as the second lowest among the states in revenue extracted per capita, and third lowest in debt per capita. This discipline has also allowed us to remain one of less than 10 states that have the highest possible AAA bond rating by all three ratings agencies, all of which will be crucial as we make our way in an ever more competitive international economy".

"In the upcoming legislative session, I plan on keeping a close eye on the various tax reform proposals being floated. While I approve of high level goals of simplifying the system, as well as moving towards taxation of consumption and away from taxing income, I will nonetheless want to be sure we achieve those ends with fairness to all, and by making sure we fully offset new revenues with elimination of old ones".

He also addressed the issue of new state House district lines, stating "I was pleased to learn that the federal Department of Justice approved the new legislative district lines we passed in August. The 112th House district in the new map is essentially the same district I have served since 2005, which will allow me to offer continuity of service and commitment to the people of Newton and Morgan counties".

Representative Holt reiterated his commitment to clean, issue oriented campaigning, and concluded by saying, "Most of all, I remain deeply appreciative and grateful to the people of Newton and Morgan counties who have supported me and placed such confidence in me over the last eight years. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve this district."

Representative Holt invites the public to learn more about his background and positions at his website, He is available to answer questions at 770-596-0781.