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Deputies search for several armed robbers
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Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office are searching for several men who reportedly attempted to rob two others Wednesday afternoon.

According to Public Information Officer Cortney Morrison, the two victims were at a home on Pickett Bridge Road, where one of them had his truck parked with a deer stand in the back. A man walked up and asked if he was interested in selling the deer stand and the victim agreed to sell it. The man called his friend and then informed the victim that his friend wanted to go in on purchasing the deer stand and they needed to deliver it to his home. The two victims along with the other man they had just met, got into the victim’s truck and went to a subdivision off Campbell Road.

The victims reportedly told deputies that they started to get nervous because it there was no one in the subdivision, however they did park and wait for several minutes. After a few moments two white males exited the woods with shotguns. One of the men put his shotgun in the victim’s face and demanded money. However, the two victims chose not to comply, which is when one of the men attempted to hit the victim in the head with the butt of a riffle, he was unsuccessful, but the other man used a baton to beat the victim in the head. The other victim got in the truck and the started it and the other victim was able to get away from the beating and into the truck.

The man who allegedly first mentioned purchasing the deer stand was left there with the two men from the woods. While the victims were driving away one of the men reportedly fired a shot through the back driver’s side window. They made it to a gas station and called 911 for help.

Morrison said the two victims described the men from the woods as being between the ages of 16-18, both wearing jeans – one with a white hoodie, the other with a green hoodie, no facial hair, one with green eyes, the other with brown and that the two “appeared to be related.”