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Daylight Saving Time set to end; time to replace smoke alarm batteries
2015 Fall Back Time

Sunday morning -- really early, as in 2 a.m. -- the clocks roll back for daylight savings time.

Along with gaining an hour of sleep, its also a good time to replace the batteries in your home's smoke detectors.

The Covington Fire Department urge citizens to change the batteries as you change your clocks.

“Replacing the battery in your smoke detector is probably the cheapest insurance you can buy,” said City of Covington fire education specialist Jonathan Fuqua. “Once you replace the battery, you should still press the test button monthly to ensure it is functioning properly.”

Fuqua also recommends replacing the entire unit if it is older than 10-years-old. If Citizens are in need of a smoke alarm, City of Covington firefighters will install one for them, free of charge. Those interested should call 770-712-9387 to request a smoke alarm installation.

“Please remember, a smoke alarm may be your only notification of a fire during the night time hours,” Fuqua said.