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Daughters comment sparks family feud
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Officers responded to a domestic dispute that resulted from a daughter making a comment about her father's girlfriend's backside.

When the officer arrived, the daughter stated that her younger sister had told her father's girlfriend that she had a "big booty." However, the girlfriend stated that the daughter made a comment about one of the kids "wanting her booty."

The girlfriend replied by saying that she "don't play with other people's kids." She then left and called her boyfriend and told him to come handle his kids.

When the boyfriend confronted his daughter about the comment, he says that she began cussing at him. However, the daughter stated that her father tried to hit her three times in the face, but the daughter was able to block the hits.

The son then jumped on the father to defend his sister by punching him in the face. The son then ran outside and got a stick. The father chased him back out of the house trying to get the stick from him. The two then became involved in a scuffle outside where the son injured his eye.