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Dancing through her life
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Betty Harris' dancing escapades have lead to a lifetime of unforgettable experiences like marching in Kennedy's inauguration parade in 1961 to performing in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Harris has also participated in four flash mobs in the metro area with the Atlanta West Coast Swing Club.

After spending several weeks learning a 64-count routine, 120 couples preformed a flash mob dance at Atlantic Station at the lighting of the Christmas tree.

Harris says that the fun in participating in flash mobs is surprising people.

"These people are standing around with martinis in their hands and then all of a sudden Usher starts playing "Baby Tonight"...the surprise on their face is just priceless," Harris said.

Harris has participated in flash mobs at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the High Museum of Art and at a radio event in and at a radio event in Suwannee.

In addition to her participation in the Atlanta West Coast Swing Club, Harris also dances with the Country-Western Social Club which organizes the Peach State festival. The Peach State festival organizes all styles of dances like Swing and Line Dancing and hosts workshops.

At 66, Harris wears several other pairs of shoes besides her dancing shoes. Not only is she a travel agent who has ventured to destinations like El Salvador and Antigua, Harris teaches water aerobics seven days a week around the metro Atlanta area.

Last year, Harris claimed more than 26,000 miles on her taxes from all the driving she did for her classes.

Better known to her approximately 250 students as Beach Bunny Betty, Harris teaches a total of 68 classes a month at several gyms as well as the Bethesda Park Aquatic Center in Gwinnett.

She is combining her flash mob experience with her love for water aerobics by putting together a choreographed routine called "Splash Mob."

The director at Bethesda asked Harris to choreograph a splash mob that will randomly perform this summer at public pools in the metro Atlanta area. The new experience fits right with Harris' passions.

"My passion is experiencing as much as I possibly can in life, every day," she said with a smile. "My life is fun."

Her age does not slow her down.

"I spent 25 years at home with children and I'm living proof that there is life after children," Harris said.

"If you can make it through the teenage year," she added laughing.