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Dance studio revival
(Top) Erica Rahola, Alyson Rosado, Sophia Johnson, Jason Croom and AJ Reid; (Left) Jason Croom, Cornelia Virella, Gina Johnson and Megan Reid.

Dancers and parents banded together for the grand opening of the Rhythm Elements Dance Studio Saturday morning in Porterdale in the space that was abandoned by the previous owner.

“I have watched the episode that played out here, and the product. It is absolutely beautiful. I think it’s a great place for children,” said Porterdale Mayor Arline Chapman.

Parents who were left without refunded money and children who were left without a dance studio and recital – both groups were left without an explanation – remodeled the studio, bringing color, life and community together.

Chapman cut a ribbon to commemorate the day as Jason Croom, owner and instructor, held 15-minute dance demos for new and returning students. The American Basketball Association Team “South West Warriors” made an appearance at 3 p.m. to support the studio, whose dancers will perform at the Warriors’ halftime show in January. Cake and snacks were offered in celebration, as parents could watch their kids return to dance.

“We have worked so hard,” said Gina Johnson, one of the co-owners of the studio.