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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 20
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o Randall Grant Yarn, 26, McDonough, Feb. 8. Court sentenced.

o Deanna Michelle Adams, 44, 431 Kirkland Road, Covington, Feb. 6. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

o Maria Louise Barker, 35, 162 Cannon Farm Road, Oxford, Feb. 3. Failure to appear.

o Brandon Kyle Bell, 35, 35 Meeler Drive, Covington, Feb. 4. Probation violation.

o David Anthony Bynum, 35, 150 Landon Way, Covington, Feb. 3. Improper lane usage, DUI.

o Megan Leigh Cannon, 26, Monticello, Feb. 6. Public drunk.

o Samantha Anne Cochran, 19, 404 Bear Creek Point, Mansfield, Feb. 8. Theft by shoplifting.

o Jamar Cosby, 41, Monticello, Feb. 8. Speeding, driving while license suspended.

o Jerrell Markecius Crowder, 18, 102 College Walk, Apt. A, Oxford, Feb. 4. Disorderly conduct,

o Kristin Marie Deluca, 22, Conyers, Feb. 7. Battery.

o Perry Dewayne Earlycutts, 27, 25 Winchester Court, Covington, Feb. 8. Speeding, license required, surrender of.

o Rodney Shane Gentes, 29, Monticello, Feb. 6. Public drunkenness.

o Collier Williams Hurt, 45, Conyers, Feb. 3. Requiring or permitting unlawful.

o Timothy Ward Knight, 49, 115 Stoneview Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Public drunkenness.

o Blanche Alisher Lester, 45, 8150 Taylor St., Covington, Feb. 3. Driving while license suspended, no seat belts.

o Laquinta Fitzgerald Lester, 23, 8150 Taylor St., Covington, Feb. 3. Disorderly conduct.

o Ashleigh Nicole Lewis, 17, 45 White Birch Drive, Covington, Feb. 4. License required, surrender of.

o Timothy William Lyle, 23, Stockbridge, Feb. 5. Public drunkenness.

o Trevon Deanthony Mason, 19, Lithonia, Feb. 7. Bench warrant.

o David Brian Minor, 37, Conyers, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

o Julia Ann Montgomery, 67, 11 McGiboney Court, Covington, Feb. 7. Theft by shoplifting.

o Antonio Zachary Perry, 39, Snellville, Feb. 6. Disorderly conduct, driving while license suspended, theft of services.

o Amanda Edelweiss Picart, 33, Bethlehem, Feb. 4. To serve 48 hours.

o Simon Billy Shelnutt, 37, 12274 Ga. Highway 36, Covington, Feb. 3. Failure to appear.

o Kasey Danielle Simmons, 22, 431 Kirkland Road, Covington, Feb. 6. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer, fighting in public place, simple battery on officer.

o Carla Maria Smith, 37, 6161 Nixon Circle, Covington, Feb. 6. Driving while license suspended, no child restraint.

o James Lewis Smith Jr., 47, 138 Cobb Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Driving while license suspended, disobeying at traffic device.

o William Al Stevens, 51, Stone Mountain, Feb. 8. Simple battery.

o Daryl Andra Stover, 38, Conyers, Feb. 8. Deposit account fraud.

o Isaac Curtis Thomas, 25, Conyers, Feb. 6. No seat belts, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, failure to appear.

o Julie Ann Thomason, 46, 2138 Hicks Ave., Covington, Feb. 8. DUI, improper lane usage, driving without headlights.

o Kardicia Meosha Turk, 18, 120 Vinnys Way, Covington, Feb. 5. Disorderly conduct.

o Tamorris Dtron Tyler, 19, 5136 Lewis St., Covington, Feb. 8. Parole violation.

o Donald Carl White, 37, 205 Deep Step Road, Covington, Feb. 3. DUI, improper lane usage.

o Socrates Cordell Williams, 22, 770 Oak St., Covington, Feb. 4. No proof of insurance, suspended, revoked or canceled license, driving while license suspended.

o Dmante Dontreal Anderson, 19, 1773 Conley Downs Lane, Covington, Feb. 10. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers,

o Sequathia Nicole Anderson, 23, Lawrenceville, Feb. 15. Probation violation.

o Malerie Christine Arrington, 24, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 49, Covington, Feb. 9. Failure to appear.

o Charles Alonzo Banks, 45, 148 Longstreet Circle, Oxford, Fb. 13. Disorderly conduct, probation violation.

o Matthew Conan Baber, 26, Monticello, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Lamar Matthew Barnett, 35, 110 Parish Road, Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

o Lindsey Lavon Belcher Jr., 49, 9145 Bent Pine Court, Covington, Feb. 9. Child support default.

o Kendrick Cortez Brinson, 21, 60 Flat Rock Road, Oxford, Feb. 9. Probation violation.

o Adriana Madrid Camarena, 43, Jonesboro, Feb. 14. Identity fraud, second degree forgery.

o Craig Alan Cormier, 46, 1154 Stallings St., Covington, Feb. 9. Court sentenced to work release 180 days.

o Kenneth Glenwood Deberry, 46, 360 E. Country Woods Dr., Covington, Feb. 10. Sentenced to 10 days Newton County Jail.

o Michael Shawn Duffee, 28, Griffin, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Akeem Lamar Easterling, 20, 125 Whitehead Dr., Covington, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Abby Gail Edge, 40, 10142 Washington St., Covington, Feb. 9. Probation violation.

o Stephanie Louise Flagg, 41, 2161 Hendricks St., Covington, Feb. 11. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, sale of marijuana, child support default.

o Melvin Heath, 50, Stone Mountain, Feb. 12. Probation violation.

o Devone Rahaun Highower, 17, 9230 Colony Drive, Covington, Feb. 13. Contempt of court.

o Ticirica Shalamoan Howard, 21, 8119 Moore St., Covington, Feb. 13. Probation violation.

o Cecily Roxanne Jackson, 23, 300 Country Side lane, Covington, Feb. 15. Probation Hold.

o Rolland Hines Jackson, 48, 12 Birch St., Porterdale, Feb. 10. Back for court witness.

o William Eugene Johnson, 44, 80 Kinnett Road, Covington, Feb. 10. Possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine) with intent, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, probation violation.

o Jeremy Reshad Jones, 19, 245 Pleasant Hills Drive, Covington, Feb. 15. Court sentenced.

o Jack Eric Law Jr., 28, 430 Varner St., Covington, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Gwendolyn Lester, 456, 3165 Clark St., Covington, Feb. 11. Sale of cocaine, probation violation.

o Cecil Conell Lewis, 49, 2139 South Brown St., Covington, Feb. 11. Child support default.

o Leighlyn Michelle Longuist, 23, 180 A Plum Orchard Drive, Covington, Feb. 10. Probation violation.

o Kiunjis Shamoqia Mathis, 23, 1005 Ridge Ave. Drive, Covington, Feb. 10. Court sentenced.

o Barbara Ann Middlebrooks, 39, Monticello, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Jerry Lee Minix, 49, 95 Hammock Drive, Covington, Feb. 11. Possession of marijuana misdemeanor, possession of Schedule I & II drug (methamphetamine), parole violation.

o Rodney O’Neal Perry, 44, 3152 Corley St., Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

o April Teresa Pettit, 37, 2001 Ga. Highway 81, Oxford, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

o Anthony Tyrone Potts, 43, 55 Edge Field Lane, Covington, Feb. 10. Probation violation.

o Stantavious Nikeith Price, 31, 690 Navajo Trail, Covington, Feb. 11. Probation violation.

o Chaviante Kwashawn Rahman, 19, Conyers, Feb. 10. Court sentenced 120 to 180 days detention center.

o Terry Charles Ray, 29, Garden City, Feb. 9. Parole violation.

o Quevas Antwon Reid, 36, 4001 Mote Road, Covington, Feb. 15. Drug possession, manufacture, distribution within a housing authority felony, possession, manufacture distribution of controlled substance, possession and use of drug related objects.

o Michael Ray Releaford, 24, Atlanta, Feb. 14. Probation violation.

o Crissy Ann Siddon, 30, Conyers, Feb. 9. Child support default.