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Newton County Jail Log - Feb. 13
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Steven Henry Smith, 46, Conyers, Feb. 1. Driving while license suspended.

Stacey Elizabeth Spurling, 45, 15 Haynes Creek Circle, Oxford, Jan. 28. Theft by shoplifting (third offense).

Pamela Denise Stovall, 42, 9119 Ford St., Covington, Jan. 29. Public drunkenness.

Robert Marshall Tate Jr., 26, 3164 Corley St., Covington, Jan. 28. Hold for Morgan County.

Michael David Teal, 26, 230 Fincher Road, Covington, Jan. 28. Driving while license suspended.

Jon Trevor Townley, 18, 5202 Hillcrest Drive, Covington, Jan. 27. Probation violation.

Quindarious Eugene Webb, 17, 3127 Bohannan St., Covington, Jan. 26. Theft by shoplifting.

Carey Demarcus Welch, 17, 580 Mountain View Drive, Covington, Feb. 1. Battery.

Shannon Marlon West, 37, Chickamauga, Jan. 27. Child support.

April Michelle Williams, 25, 6211 Nixon Circle, Covington, Jan. 30. Probation violation.

Amanda Marie Wilson, 27, 90 Alcovy Circle, Covington, Jan. 26. Improper lane usage, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Azel Lee Bailey II, 29, Conyers, Feb. 7. Bench warrant.

Quinton O'Brien Bandy, 19, 45 Tall Oak Trail, Covington, Feb. 6. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Phillip Andrew Banks Jr., 22, 200 park Place Drive, Covington, Feb. 5. No tag lights, possession and use of drug related objects, Schedule II (methamphetamines), possession with intent to distribute methamphetamines, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

James Todd Benge, 48, Tucker, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

Celia Martha Bernard, 32, Conyers, Feb. 7. Deposit account fraud.

Glynn James Bishop, 51, Monticello, Feb. 3. Criminal trespass.

Corey Lamont Carr, 33, 8260 Carr Circle, Covington, Feb. 5. Probation violation, default child support, $4,543, default child support, $4,840.

Gary Lamar Champion, 53, Riverdale, Feb. 8. Court sentenced to 10 days.

Ramor Derrell Chappell, 20, 30 Appia Way, Covington, Feb. 7. Probation violation.

Michael Shawn Corning, 27, 170 Oak Hill Drive, Covington, Feb. 4. Child support.

William Thomas Cromer, 42, Conyers, Feb. 8. Aggravated stalking.

Diana Delene Davis, 49, Conyers, Feb. 6. Probation violation.

Richard Shane Dodd, 28, Conyers, Feb. 7. Theft by taking auto.

Brittany Caprice Finnie, 20, 45 Hazelbrand Road, Covington, Feb. 6. Driving without license, no license on file, no child restraint, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, first degree forgery, using of false name or make false statement in application.

Charles Christopher Garrett, 542, 688 Almond Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Failure to pay child support.

Sandra Carithers Gossett, 50, 4140 Lott St., Covington, Feb. 3. Possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container, theft by shoplifting second offense.

Rocerick Antoine Henderson, 32, 90 Faircliff Drive, Covington, Feb. 7. Hold for probation.

Shanterria Lakethia Hicks, 18, 9230 Colony Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Entering an auto or other motor vehicle with intent of felony, probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Stanley Hillman Sr., 55, 2114 Clark St., Covington, Feb. 7. Hold for probation.

Troy Lamar Hopkins, 31, 1120 Florence Lane, Covington, Feb. 3. Criminal trespass.

Richard Vernon Hughes, 26, 799 Cowan Road, Covington, Feb. 5. Armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance, probation violation, possession, manufacture, distribution of controlled substance.

Christina McGiboney Hunt, 44, 1059 Gum Creek Road, Oxford, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

John Daniel Jones, 19, 300 Southlake Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Probation violation.

Ryan Cornelle Jordan, 40, 488 Oxford Road, Oxford, Feb. 8. Walton County warrant.

Kenneth Lamont Koger, 37, Waiterboro, S.C., Feb. 4. Court sentenced.

Tamara Louise Kyles, 41, 370 Oak Hill circle, Covington, Feb. 7. Public drunkenness.

Kerry Lee Landress, 56, 46 Ivy St., Porterdale, Feb. 8. Sentenced to 30 days.

Ashley Lynn Leatherwood, 23, Conyers, Feb. 3. Probation violation.

Christopher Lawrence Linenbroker, 35, Social Circle, Feb. 3. Criminal trespass.

Julius Dean Marlow, 28, Madison, Feb. 7. Theft by taking.

Julius Dean Marlow Sr., 62, Madison, Feb. 7. Theft by taking. Bruce Meadows, 40, Social Circle, Feb. 5. Probation violation.

Deanne Ann Millet, 61, 45 Oak Hill Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Family Violence Act simple battery.

Nicole Michelle Millett, 44, 45 Oak Hill Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Family Violence Act simple battery.

Tiffany Dawn Mitchell, 32, Rutledge, Feb. 3. Possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass, possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender probationers, armed robbery, intimidation, taking control of substance.

Alan Shane Moore, 41, homeless, Covington, Feb. 4. Disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, interference with government property, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, terroristic threats and acts.

Raymond Henri Nunn Jr., 28, 717 Airport Road, Oxford, Feb. 4. Giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, criminal damage to property in first degree, Family violence Act terroristic threats and acts.

Billie Jo Owenby, 33, 799 Cowan Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Criminal trespass, aiding or permitting another to escape lawful custody, possession of methamphetamine.

Gregory Deangelo Ross, 28, Mableton, Feb. 7. Probation violation.

Anthony Hakeem Selby, 19, 545 lakeside Circle, Covington, Feb. 5. Guardline cigarettes, work release, probation violation.

Tajay Jorday Simmonds, 17, 60 Riverstone Drive, Covington, Feb. 8. Family Violence Act simple battery, criminal trespass.

Jamichael Ervin Stinson, 19, 30 Mountain Lane, Covington, Feb. 5. Probation violation.

Calvin Maurice Thomas, 27, 10154 Morris Drive, Covington, Feb. 7. Probation violation.

Gerald Louis Thompson Jr. 36, 5113 Hill St., Covington, Feb. 5. Disorderly conduct.

Keontae Rodriquez Towler, 31, Lawrenceville, Feb. 7. Hold for probation.

Johnny Robert Travis, 51, 9161 City Pond Road, Covington, Feb. 3. Brake lights and turn signals required, improper lane usage, driving while license suspended or revoked first offense, DUI first offense, open container, habitual violators, probation violation.

Michael David Travis, 43, 11 A Spruce St., Porterdale, Feb. 7. Disorderly conduct, theft by shoplifting second offense, child support default.

Phillip Russell Wallace, 24, Jackson, Feb. 7. Probation violation.

Shane Daniel Wood, 36, Monroe, Feb. 7. Probation violation.