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Newton County Jail Log - Dec. 19
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Drew Ocie Wilkinson, 22, Hampton, Dec. 5. Probation violation.

Joshua Dean Wolff, 36, Acworth, Dec. 10. Back for court.

Andrew Arlington Abrams, 25, 129 Wellbrook Court, Covington, Dec. 9. Possession of marijuana, open container, DUI.

Ashley Lynne Adams, 29, 125 Autumn Cove, Dec. 6. Disorderly conduct.

Ronald Don Ames, 56, 776 Ga. Highway 142, Covington, Dec. 6. Disobeying a traffic device, DUI, duty of driver to stop at or report.

Kevin Demetrius Baker, 39, 450 Pebble Blvd., Covington, Dec. 8. Deposit account fraud.

Jimmy Lee Bennett, 53, 115 Hazelhurst Drive, Covington, Dec. 11. Speeding in school zone, driving while license suspended.

Leon Hester Benton, 58, 7154Laster St., Covington, Dec. 9. Improper left turn, DUI.

Alvin Ray Brantley, 28, 115 Stoney Point Terrace, Covington, Dec. 9. Possession of marijuana.

Stephanie Barrow Castellana, 48, Roswell, Dec. 5. False report of a crime, use of fighting words, obscene.

Sandra Diana Cooper, 49, 8138 Amanda Lane, Covington, Dec. 6. Deposit account fraud.

Yesenia Cordova, 22, 6348 Turner Lake Road, Lot 8, Covington, Dec. 10. Following too closely, driving without license.

Tommy Lee Craft, 52, 8120 Taylor St., Covington, Dec. 10. Disorderly conduct.

Jill Lynn Davenport, 48, 135 McGiboney Road, Covington, Dec. 8. Possession of Schedule III & IV drug, driving while license suspended, theft by shoplifting.

Gillette Sinead Dennis, 22, Greenwood, S.C., Dec. 9. Driving while license suspended, speeding.

Brittaney Nicole Dickerson, 26, 10 Halley Court, Covington, Dec. 10. Family Violence Act battery, second degree cruelty to children.

Wendy Olivia Dowe, 41, 550 Oak Terrace, Covington, Dec. 5. Theft by conversion.

Kasey Trae Everette, 22, Conyers, Dec. 8. Theft by taking.

Kenoae Fierro Fields, 25, 260 Crestfield Circle, Covington, Dec. 9. Possession of marijuana less than one ounce, open container.

Latoya Latrice Flournoy, 27, 138 Cobb Road, Covington, Dec. 5. Public drunkenness.

Christopher Lloyd Frey, 30, 5110 GA. Highway 20, Lot 17, Covington, Dec. 7. Theft by shoplifting, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officer.

Moniece Ashleey Gibson, 20, 1201 Gross Lake Parkway, Covington, Dec. 7. Driving without license, reckless driving, defective equipment tires/wheels, defective equipment.

Jesus Adel Gitalado, 38, Norcross, Dec. 5. Bigamy.

Gary Morris Gooden, 48, 525-A Moore St., Oxford, Dec. 6. Family violence Act battery, cruelty to children.

Kevin Ray Greenway, 28, 10920 Covington Bypass, Covington, Dec. 10. Family Violence Act battery, second degree cruelty to children.

Chasity Danielle Hand, 27, Monticello, Dec. 6. Duty of driver to stop at or report.

Rodney Keith Harris, 45, 15 Carrington Circle, Dec. 11. Court sentenced.

Jake Keith Hyde, 19, 10153 Henderson Drive, Covington, Dec. 8. DUI, driving while license suspended.

John Michael Johnson, 48, 4145 Floyd St., Covington, Dec. 6. Affixing tint to windows or windshields, driving while license suspended.

Taylor Moran Jones, 17, 40 McCart Circle, Covington, Dec. 8. theft by shoplifting.

Amy Paulus King, 40, 175 Ga. Highway 212, Covington, Dec. 11. Theft by shoplifting.

Marcus Vashon McAfee, 35, Stone Mountain, Dec. 8. Driving while license suspended, improper lane usage.

Amanda Nicole McPherson, 29, Jackson, Dec. 5. Attempt or conspiracy to commit crime.

Rolundus Quintae Middleton, 28, Conyers, Dec. 5. Contempt of court, child support.

Todd Allen Millen, 23, Conyers, Dec. 10. To serve 36 hours.

William Tyler Nanney, 25, 5113 Haynes Court, Covington, Dec. 9. Hold for other agency.

Brandy Nicole Parrish, 25, Monroe, Dec. 7. Theft by taking.

Nicholas Allen Presnell, 23, 30 B North Broad St., Porterdale, Dec. 9. Failure to stop, possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Romina Puga Ramirez, 24, 460 Ga. Highway 142, Lot 47, Covington, Dec. 9. Driving without license.

Jesus Simon Reyes, 27, Doraville, Dec. 8. Driving without license, speeding.

Michael Donald Schildt, 31, 10925 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Dec. 8. Family Violence Act battery, FVA criminal trespass, FVA interfering with a 911 call.

Nicole Dawn Schildt, 44, 10295 Flat Shoals Road, Covington, Dec. 8. Family Violence Act simple battery, FVA criminal trespass.

Walter Robert Seagle, 33, Monroe, Dec. 7. Sentenced to work release.

Russell Alan Shell, 53, Monroe, Dec. 7. Public drunk.

Mark Aaron Smith, 44, 340 Sidney Lanier Drive, Oxford, Dec. 5. Back for court, probation violation, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers.

Joyce Faye Stephens, 67, 135 McGiboney Road, Covington, Dec. 8. Obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, theft by receiving stolen property.

Sedarius Geronte Stephens, 25, Conyers, Dec. 5. Simple assault, simple battery.

Paul Sterling, 47, 220 Lakeside Trail, Covington, Dec. 11. Possession of Schedule I drug, DUI drugs.

Clarissa Gay Sullivan, 49, 3168 Lunsford Circle, Covington, Dec. 9. Hold for Madison.

Shakedria Duy'Andrea Terrell, 19, 275 Pebble Ridge Drive, Covington, Dec. 5. Second degree cruelty to children.

Byron Maurice Wilson, 26, 255 River Crest Lane, Covington, Dec. 9. Battery.