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Crime: Underaged house party
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An officer investigating a noise complaint Saturday night got more than he bargained for when the woman of the house reportedly became irate he had stopped by.

When the officers arrived at the Griffin Lane home, they reportedly noticed a group of males standing under a carport.

The group was helpful and the owner’s nephew offered to get the owner, Sheree Stanley, but officers could smell the odor of marijuana and alcohol coming from the group, and asked the young man to come back after he fetched his aunt.

When Stanley initially met with officers, she seemed helpful, according to reports, but when the officer wanted to speak with her nephew — who had not come back out of the house, according to reports — she became "agitated" and began to raise her voice, reportedly telling the officers that they "had no right to be there."

Officers attempted to explain that if they had not smelled the alcohol and marijuana, they would have been gone by now, but because of that, they needed to investigate further and once more asked her to fetch her nephew.

She allegedly told them no, that her nephew had done nothing wrong and that officers did not have a right to go into her home. They disagreed and promptly placed Stanley under arrest, before going inside the house.

Once inside, officers found a group of roughly 40 people between the ages of 16 and 20. The home was full of beer bottles, cans and cases, and the trash cans were overflowing with empties, according to reports.

In the back bedroom, there were two small children under the age of 5 and two 13-year-old females. The children who were not Stanley’s were taken to the Covington police station and their parents were contacted to pick them up. The rest of the guests were told the party was over.

When officers finally spoke with Stanley’s nephew, he reportedly told them that people had been smoking marijuana but all of it had been smoked up and there was none left.

Stanley was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and given a written warning for disorderly house.

Strip steak and strip search

A Covington man was arrested at Kroger Sunday evening after reportedly attempting to steal steaks by concealing them in his clothes.

Officers were called to the store after an off-duty jail employee and a Kroger employee allegedly witnessed James Morris Adams, 46, hide a package of steaks in his clothes.

When officers approached Adams in the store, he reportedly denied the theft. Eventually, he did remove the steaks from his hiding place underneath his shirt.

Adams was arrested and charged with theft by shoplifting for attempting to steal the $15.46 worth of steaks.

While Adams was being taken to the jail, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from him.

A strip search was ordered once they arrived, which yielded a rolled cigarette that contained suspected marijuana, and a pipe used for smoking marijuana. In addition to shoplifting, Adams was charged with crossing the guard lines with drugs and drug paraphernalia.