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Crime: Traffic stop leads to cocaine find
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A Covington man was arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession Wednesday after an officer pulled him over for failure to maintain lane, according to reports.

An officer on routine patrol of the Ga. Highway 36 area, pulled over a vehicle after noticing the driver could not maintain his lane. Once the officer turned on his lights and siren to pull the driver over, he noticed the driver release two very small bags from the window.

The driver, identified as David Moton, was described on the report as "shaking very badly" and was having difficulty retrieving his license and insurance for the officer. Moton was then asked to step out of the vehicle.

The officer questioned Moton about the small items he threw out the window. Moton said he threw nothing out. However, after the officer told him he saw him throw something out the window and was going to search for it, Moton said he threw lottery tickets out.

Moton was then handcuffed and put in the back of the police vehicle while the officer walked back to the place where Moton had thrown the items out the window. The officer quickly noticed two small bags: one containing marijuana and the other containing a small white rock believed to be crack cocaine.

The vehicle was then searched by police and no other contraband could be found. Moton is charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell, purchase and manufacture, possession of marijuana - less than an ounce, littering and tampering with evidence.

Covington home ransacked
A Covington man recently reported that his house was broken into sometime between Sept. 27 and Oct. 1, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

When the man returned to his home on Oct. 1, he discovered the back door of his home broken. After walking inside, he also found that his bedroom door was broken also and his Rugar .357 revolver missing along with a box of ammo and a holster. Also missing were 50 DVDs and two knife collections.

Nothing else was missing in the home that the owner currently knows of. The drawers, closet and entertainment center were also rummaged through, but nothing taken.

Cyclist traveling against traffic at night struck by vehicle
A bicyclist was struck by a car Tuesday evening in downtown Covington after traveling against traffic and without proper night gear, according to a report from the Covington Police Department.

Officers arrived shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday and found the bicyclist Dieter Franz, and the driver Mary Aldridge at the scene. EMS was also there treating Franz for minor injuries, according to CPD's report.

An officer spoke with Aldridge who said as she was traveling south on Mill Street and crossed Floyd Street, she did not see Franz on his bicycle until she hit him. Aldridge told police Franz was traveling west on Floyd Street against the flow of traffic on the sidewalk. Franz also told officers his was traveling against the flow of traffic and thought Aldridge saw him.

Franz had no lights on his bicycle and was wearing a dark camo shirt and dark blue jeans, according to the CPD report. He was transported to the hospital and experienced minor pains.

Police found him at fault for the accident.

Man not hurt after bullet hits vehicle
A Covington's man was not injured by a bullet that flew through the back of his pickup truck and damaged the front and back windshield and dash board of his vehicle.
According to a report from the Newton County Sheriff's Office, officers responded to a report of a gunshot fired in the Star Dial Road area.

Officers determined that someone did discharge a weapon near the Covington's man home and approximated $700 worth of damage done to the truck.

It is unknown who or where the weapon was discharged, but officers believe, because of the angle the bullet appeared to come from, it came from one of the residences back toward Ga. Highway 81.

Guy pulls gun on woman in Kroger parking lot
A woman reported to local authorities that a man pulled a gun on her in the Kroger parking lot Tuesday, according to a report from the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies arrived to the scene after receiving a call for aggressive driving in the Kroger parking lot on Ga. Highway 20.

The woman was not hurt but requested a report be filed for documentation purposes.

Missing handicapped person found at gas station
A caretaker, working at a home for mentally handicapped people, reported to Covington police Wednesday that one of her clients went missing.

Police were called to 840 Oak Hill Road around 7 p.m. and spoke with the caretaker who told officers that the client asked to go to the store and the caretaker told her that they would go after dinner. When the caretaker was done cooking, she went into the client's room to feed her and discovered she was no longer there and the window was open.

Luckily, the client was quickly found by local authorities at a gas station nearby and returned safely unharmed.