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Crime roundup for May 16
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When the officer asked Rico Garrett for his driver's license, he said that he didn't have one. He told the officer that it was suspended because he hadn't paid child support.

The officer ran Garrett's name and date of birth through dispatch, who confirmed the license was suspended due to child support and DUI.

The officer arrested Garrett for driving with a suspended license and not having a functioning tail light.

However, Garrett reassured the officer several times while waiting on the tow truck that this misdemeanor would not stop him from driving.

Older man yells at woman for trying to pass him
When a woman left her home to take her child to school, she approached a vehicle traveling at a very low speed in the subdivision. She thought that the vehicle was having mechanical problems as it appeared to be pulling over to the side of the road.

When she attempted to go around the vehicle, the driver suddenly pulled to the left and blocked the roadway.

A man in his 60s exited his vehicle and began yelling racial slurs at her. He had a handgun holster on his hip and made body movements for her to see the weapon.

She then told the officer that he yelled at her about the speed limit and stated there was no passing in the subdivision.

The older man then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

McDonald's sign hit, stolen
When Newton County police arrived at the McDonald's on Hwy. 36, the compliant told the officer that someone hit the sign that was hanging in the drive thru.

After hitting the sign, the person drove off with the $200 McDonald's sign in a white truck.

Brother threatens to kill sister, cut her up, and put her in turtle basket
When Newton County police arrived about harassing phone calls, the compliant stated that her brother was harassing her and her daughter via Facebook and the Internet.

The compliant told the officer that her brother made threats to kill her over the Internet. After killing her, the brother said he was going to cut her up in pieces in a turtle basket to get rid of her.

The brother used Facebook to keep tabs on his niece and the sister is afraid that he will attempt to harm her daughter.

Drunken man assaults woman after not letting him have car keys
When Covington police arrived at the scene of a domestic dispute, the officer spoke with a woman who was crying with dirt and scuff marks on her right side.

She told the officer that Joshua Owenby called her to give him a ride home from a party in Conyers. She left to get Owenby, but he had already left the party by the time she got there.

When she returned home with her three-year-old and six-month-old, Owenby was at the house drunk and began yelling at her. Owenby wanted to leave, but Lawrence would not give him the keys because he was drunk.

Lawrence then told the officer that she went on the back porch to keep from fighting in front of her children. Owenby grabbed her purse and dumped it out. He then pushed her down and held her down on the concrete porch.

During the struggle, Lawrence said that Owenby's sunglass were around his neck. The elastic retainer attached to the sunglasses came off and popped him in the face leaving a whelp near his eye.

Owenby then left, locking Lawrence out of the house.

Owenby was found and arrested for battery and cruelty to children in the third degree.