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Crime: 'Little Jesus', birds, ex-revenge
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When Covington police arrived at the scene of a domestic dispute, Ruby Benton told the officers that her brother, Garfield Johnson, came into her room, grabbed her by the right arm and drug her through the house.

He dragged her from her bedroom to the kitchen and towards the back door. Benton said she screamed for help and for Johnson to stop. Once they reached the back door, Johnson said "I did what you told me to do," and let her go.

Benton told the officers that Johnson had been acting oddly all day. She said that Johnson had been calling out for Jehovah and his cats. He also told Benton that he was a little Jesus.

Johnson was arrested for battery.

Neighbor calls police on domestic violence upstairs
Covington police responded to a call made a neighbor who said that the couple above sounded like they were beating on each other and the woman was screaming "I can't breathe."

When the officer approached the door, he could hear loud rustling inside and a woman yelling and screaming. When the officer knocked on the door and announced his presence the apartment became quiet.

A man answered the door sweating profusely and winded. He told the officer that he and his fiancé were playing around. The officer noted that he had a scratch on his left cheek.

While the officer continued to question the man, another officer went inside the apartment to check on the fiancé. The man told the officer that he had gotten into an argument with his fiancé. When he got home from work, he confronted the fiancé while she was in the shower. He admitted to holding her arm in order to calm her down. In the process of calming her down, he accidentally hit her which caused the fiancé to fight back.

The fiancé told the officers that while she was in the shower, the man came home and confronted her in the shower. The fiancé said that they argued and he grabbed her, pinned her against the wall and struck her in the face.

The man was arrested for simple battery.

Man refuses to leave mother's property
When Covington police arrived at the scene of a domestic dispute, Albert Glover had headphones around his neck with music playing very loudly from his portable CD player.

When officers asked Albert to turn off the music so that they could figure out why he called them, Albert refused and raised his voice at the officers. One officer reached over and unplugged the headphone from the CD player.

Albert then told officers that he moved out of his mother's house last night and was here to pick up his books. Albert said that his mother, Rosa Glover, refused to let him in the house to retrieve the books.

When officers spoke with Rosa, she said that the books were not Albert's but she would allow him to take them. One of the officers retrieved the books from the house and gave them to Albert.

During this time, Albert took the opportunity to start yelling at his mother. The officers asked him several times to stop yelling. Rosa asked Albert to leave and not return.

Once the books were in Albert's possession, the officers asked him to the leave the property. However, Albert placed his books on the steps of the home, turned his music back on and took rolling papers and tobacco out of his pocket.

Officers asked him to leave a second time. Albert walked to the front yard, set his books down and started rolling a cigarette.

Officers asked him a third time to leave the property. Albert walked to the sidewalk in front of the house and sat his books down.

Albert was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Birds allegedly stolen out of car
When Newton County officers responded to a call of theft, Timothy Henrickson told the officer that someone had broken into three vehicles in his driveway during the night.

Henrickson said that two birds, a standard gray cockatiel and a love bird, were stolen along with their cages and bird seed.

Man suspects ex-girlfriend cut vehicle seats
When Covington police arrived at the scene about two damaged vehicles, Jesse Bruno stated the seats in his 1998 red S-10 truck were cut Friday night. On Sunday morning, Bruno noticed the seats of his 2004 black Chevy Tahoe were also cut. Bruno suspected that his ex-girlfriend was responsible.