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Crime Briefs
Dirty men allegedly stealing from Ace Hardware
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Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to a call from employees at Ace Hardware in reference to a theft that had already occurred on Tuesday morning.

An employee reported that someone came into the store and stole roughly $2,622.34 worth of copper wire that is located on the shelves in the store.

The employee reportedly told officers he and the cashier had noticed a young white male in his mid-20s, described by them as approximately 5'3, skinny, short blonde buzz cut - possibly balding on top, with "nasty teeth" who is "dirty looking." The cashier also reportedly told officers the man "talks different" like he has little education.

The employees allegedly noticed the male would walk from the side of the store near Covington Corners and came into the store with a shopping cart. He reportedly filled the cart with bags of dirt and fertilizer and then made an excuse to leave the store before paying for the items. They found dirt where the wire is stored.

Another man entered the store and reportedly did the same thing. This man was described as older, short and chubby, wearing dirty brown shorts. This man has come in four or five times.

The employees hadn't noticed any vehicles but reportedly told officers that the younger man leaves the same way he comes in and the older man leaves and heads towards Dunkin Donuts. Anyone with information on either man is asked to contact the Covington Police Department at (770) 786-7605. Callers can remain anonymous.

Stolen bikes
Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Greenleaf Court on the morning of Sept. 27 after two juveniles were reportedly threatened with a shotgun before their bikes were stolen.

According to reports, the boys told officers they had been riding their bikes on a dirt road in the woods behind a residence on Laseter Street when they were approached by an elderly man holding what they reportedly believed was a shotgun.

The juveniles said the man pointed the gun at them and told them to get off his road. The boys reportedly told officers they were scared and they jumped off their bicycles and ran home. They believed the man, who they called "Scace" had taken their bikes.

Officers went to the home of "Scace" but were unable to get anyone to come to the door. According to reports, just when officers were about to leave the home a car drove up with a man, identified as Cleveland Humphrey, reportedly driving.

When asked who "Scace" was, Humphrey allegedly told the officers that was him. When asked about the juveniles being on the road earlier in the day, Humphrey reportedly told officers he didn't want them on "his road" and that he had been out shooting squirrels with his BB gun and had just yelled at the boys to get off "his" road.

Humphrey was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct. He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center. The bicycles were returned to the juveniles.

DVD theft
A woman was arrested Saturday evening after she allegedly attempted to steal a $10 DVD from Video Warehouse.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Department were called to the store where employees told them the woman, identified as 20-year-old Larisa Ranae Shaw, came in and asked if she could have the late fees waived on the DVD she was returning. When told that was not possible, she seemed fine, according to the report, and continued browsing throughout the store.

She then returned to the counter and allegedly asked the clerk about tanning prices for the store next door which is operated by the video store, and when she was told of the prices, she decided to leave the store, according to reports. When she made her exit, the alarm reportedly went off.

Shaw was asked to walk through the alarm again and she complied. Once more it beeped, according to reports. She was told to empty her purse and another employee locked the door to the store to keep her from fleeing before deputies could arrive. As the woman began to empty her purse, one of the employees allegedly noticed a DVD fall from her person, at which point Shaw reportedly attempted to run from the store.

An off-duty police officer was in the store at the time, and when Shaw was able to unlock the door and run out, he reportedly followed her, showed her his badge and ordered her to stop. She allegedly complied and returned to the store. While in the store she reportedly attempted to shove past the officer and leave once more, and he was forced to place her on the ground to keep her restrained until deputies arrived.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Shaw was allegedly crying and apologizing, saying "I'm sorry I didn't mean to take the movie." She reportedly offered the store any amount of money to take care of the video - which was valued at $10 - but the store manager chose to press charges anyway.

Shaw was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with theft by shoplifting.