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Crime Briefs: Lost driver arrested
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When Covington Police arrived at the scene of a DUI call, the officer observed a blue Pontiac blocking traffic at the intersection of Hwy. 278 and Hwy. 142.

When the officer approached the car, he saw Terrance Banks sitting in the vehicle who appeared to be asleep. The officer noted he could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car.

When Banks awoke, he was confused and stated he thought he was in Atlanta. Banks told the officer that he left a club on Spring St. in Atlanta and was trying to get back to his home in Powder Springs. Banks also explained that he was sitting at the intersection trying to get his GPS to reposition.

The officer asked Banks to exit the vehicle and when he did the officer saw a small quantity of marijuana in the seat. When the officer asked Banks about it, he said that he only had a couple of blunts in the car. Banks asked the officer could give him a citation so he could go home since the amount of marijuana was so small.

Upon searching the car further, the officer found a clear, plastic bag of marijuana and two blunt wrapping papers with marijuana in them.

Bank was arrested and charged with DUI, impeding traffic flow and possession of marijuana.

Underage man blames vodka for taking out mailboxes
When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of a call in reference to damaged property, the compliant stated a vehicle had run over his mailbox and had parked at his neighbor's house.

When the officer searched the woods behind the neighbor's home, the officer discovered Jacob Davidson hiding in some brush behind the house. When the officer told Davidson to come out of the brush, he did so being extremely unsteady on his feet.

After asking why he was hiding, Davidson said, as he started to cry, he knew was going to jail because he drove drunk.

When the officer asked him what happened, Davidson said, "I can't handle drinking vodka. I got anxiety and freaked out and ran out of the house. I got into my car and sped away and lost control and crashed into the people's mailboxes."

Davidson told the officer he had two and half beers and four shots of vodka.

Davidson was arrested and charged with DUI under 21 and criminal trespass.

Ex-Applebee's employee accused of changing 65 customers' receipts
When Covington Police responded to a call about forgery, an Applebee's employee said an ex-employee had changed the amount on approximately 65 customers' credit cards.

The employee said that the ex-employee pocketed the difference and charges should be filed.

Homeowner complains about nails and screws in yard
When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of a call about property damage, Shelly McDaniel said someone had been coming into the property and emptying boxes of nails.

McDaniel then showed the officer several different types of nails and screws that had been thrown all over the back part of her property.

Woman finds flat screen behind her bushes
When a Newton County officer arrived at the scene of a call in reference to found property, the homeowner told the officer that when she returned home, there was a black flat screen television behind the shrubs of her front patio.

When the officer ran the serial number, the television was not reported as stolen.

Woman runs over man in Fred's parking lot
When Covington Police responded to call at Fred's on Hwy. 278 about a fight, officers found Bobby Battle lying on the ground, holding his leg.

Witnesses told the officers that Kia Hutchings ran over Battle's legs with her vehicle and fled the scene.

Officers were able to locate Hutchings and pulled her over. She was taken in for questioning.

Battle and Hutchings were issued citations for disorderly conduct.