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Crime Briefs - July 8
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A Covington woman reported a fraudulent call Tuesday after someone called to tell her she had won $6 million, a Mercedes Benz and a flat screen TV.

Bertha Lou Batchelor reportedly received the phone call from a man who sounded like he had a Jamaican accent. Batchelor stated the male allegedly asked her to send him money through Western Union.

Batchelor told police she had allegedly sent money through Western Union approximately 10 times. She also said she had used her Verizon cell phone to call the unidentified man back, using approximately $1,363.43 worth of service charges and had sent $8,000 to him.

Batchelor's daughter Bonnie Dunphy had her mother report the incident and has a copy of all her mother's receipts.

Couple sleeping in car leads to arrest
Two people who were sleeping in their car on Tuesday near Turner Lake Road were allegedly found to be in possession of marijuana.

The two people in the gray Lexus that was parked in the Turner Lake recreation area were approached by law enforcement around 4 p.m. that afternoon.

Police knocked on the windows and identified the male and female in the car. The passenger Farris Patterson, was unable to produce an ID and stated he and his girlfriend, who was driving, had been kicked out of their home. They reported they had just stopped to sleep.

Officers determined Patterson was from Waycross and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Patterson was then placed under arrest and was told to stand in front of the vehicle.

The female was allegedly compliant and stated she had no idea there was a warrant out for Patterson's arrest. She then allowed the car to be searched. She also told police there was some marijuana cigarettes on the center console.
The marijuana was collected by officers at that time.

Patterson was then placed in the back of the patrol time, and the female was told she was not able to park and sleep in the recreation parking lot. She understood and drove away. Patterson was transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center.

Five stacks of trays stolen
The sales manager of Flowers Baking Company reported that between 4:30 a.m. and 1:35 p.m. on Tuesday, an unknown person took five stacks of plastic trays from behind Food Depot.

The plastic trays were valued at approximately $10each. Each stack contained 30 trays and the trays were all gray. The total value of the trays taken was about $1,500.

Charles Dendy, the complainant, allegedly checked with the manager of Food Depot, Tim Ball, to see if he had a video camera facing the area were the trays were taken. Ball allegedly stated he did have a camera. The video showed a black male approximately 6'2'' tall, 280 pounds, bald and wearing an orange traffic vest.

The male allegedly picked up the trays from behind the Food Depot and placed them into the back of a white flatbed truck. The male then allegedly left from behind the store in the truck.
Law enforcement asked Ball for a copy of the tape for evidence.

Woman's vehicle damaged on July 4
Faydra Maddox reported her 2004 Nissan Altima had been damaged on Wednesday while she was attending a gathering on South Street SW.

When Maddox returned to her vehicle, she allegedly discovered scratches on the front bumper and dents and more scratches on the hood.

Maddox was allegedly told by several small children that a male on a bicycle had allegedly ran into her car. Maddox then stated the male was allegedly wearing a gray shirt and was at the park on the corner of South Street and Emory Street.

Officers located the man who was identified as Anthony Jerome White. White denied running into the car and stated he had loaned his bike to his cousin, who may have allegedly caused the damage.
Maddox stated she would contact her insurance company and possibly seek civil action to get her car repaired.