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Crime briefs: Jealous woman kicks in man's front door
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A self-proclaimed bachelor called police Saturday evening after a lady friend became upset that he was in his home with another woman.

When police arrived, they spoke with the man who said he had a female friend in his room and he was massaging her feet when another female friend, later identified as Rhonda Hull, knocked on the door. He said he opened the door but told her he "already had another female’s company inside."

Hull didn’t take the news well, according to reports. The man said that she snatched his screen door open and kicked his door in with her foot, then came inside the home. She allegedly told the man that she would kill him and questioned why he treated her the way he did.

According to reports, the man also told officers that Hull came into his bedroom and broke a ceramic figurine that was on his dresser and threw his cell phone, causing it to come apart. He reportedly told officers he "didn’t know why Hull was so upset since he is a ‘bachelor’ and he does not have a girlfriend, and he can have whoever he wants at his house."

When officers arrived Hull had already left. The man said she probably went home and that he didn’t want to press charges, just have a report "to teach her a lesson."


A rocky foundation

An officer responding to a call about harassment was inside the home of the victim when it was struck with a car.

The officer was speaking with a woman who said her son’s soon-to-be ex-wife was texting him saying that she was going to come over and kill them. Her son left on foot looking for his ex, which was when the victim called for police assistance. While speaking with the officer, reports indicate the officer heard a load revving and then the whole house shook. When the officer walked to the right side of the house, he saw spun-out tire marks and followed them to where a maroon Nissan Sentra was sitting up against the foundation in the rear of the home.

Inside the car was a Crystal Borden. When the officer asked her if she was alright and if she needed EMS to come check her out, she reportedly said, "No, I’m just hyperventilating at the moment. I’ll be fine."

While speaking with her, the officer noted she reeked of alcohol and that her eyes were bloodshot and her speech slurred. When asked if she’d been drinking she reportedly said that she’d had a couple of beers "at the club" in Conyers. She allegedly said she’d done nothing wrong and was just trying to find her boyfriend. When the officer asked her if she realized she had hit a house, she reportedly said she knew she’d hit something but wasn’t sure what.

During sobriety tests, which Borden failed, according to reports, another vehicle pulled up. Two men got out, one was identified as the son of the woman who had originally called the police, Rivera Orta. He approached the officer and when asked to step back, cursed at the officer and said he was going into his house. He was apprehended by back-up officers as he was attempting to exit the front of the house and charged with disorderly conduct. Borden was charged with DUI.