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Crime briefs: Drunk and disorderly
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Covington police responded to a call for help made by a child at a home on Pineview Drive Tuesday evening and arrested a Covington man for disorderly conduct.

Officers arrived at the home and were met by two males at the door who denied that anything was going on inside the home. One man said he had been arguing with his sister, and as the officers listened to him, the other male, Charles Bailey, reportedly told police they couldn’t come into his home and that they needed to leave.

Attempting to explain to Bailey that they were speaking with the other man and were there because of a call for help did nothing to calm him down, according to reports. He began yelling and cursing at police, telling them to leave. Officers noted in their reports that they could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Bailey at the time.

A female who was also in the home told Bailey the house was hers, not his and that he needed to calm down.

Officers were unable to speak with the female about what was going on because Bailey kept yelling at them to leave, according to reports. Because of his unwillingness to allow officers to speak with everyone, Bailey was arrested for disorderly conduct. The officers then finished speaking with the other occupants of the house and confirmed no crime had taken place.

Stolen wash and fold
A woman called police for help Monday evening after her clothes were stolen from the coin laundry.
The woman told officers that she washed her clothes and then put them in the dryer and left for about 15 minutes. When she returned, her clothes were missing.

She told officers that she asked other people in the laundromat if they knew what happened to her clothes and they told her two white females took them out of the dryer, folded them and then took the clothes to their car. She went and looked and saw her clothing folded in a laundry basket and locked inside a car.

Because the owner of the car, Christy Hughes, according to registration records, was not there, the officer could not go into the car. The victim said she didn’t want to press charges; she just wanted her clothes back and would try to wait until the females came back on location.

“Tase me!”
Two people were arrested Friday night after officers were called to Covington Lodge to look into an argument that took place in one of the rooms.

When they spoke with the female, Angel Lunsford, officers noted it was difficult to understand her because of her high level of intoxication. They were able to figure out that her boyfriend Anthony Rollens, was in room 335. When officers arrived and entered the room, Rollens immediately ordered them out, according to reports. He was also highly intoxicated and cursing at officers.

In order to speak with him, officers handcuffed Rollens and attempted to get him to the patrol car. He fell against the door frame of the room and then face first on the floor, requiring officers to carry him downstairs to the patrol car.

While some officers contended with Rollens, others were dealing with Lunsford, who was reportedly banging on the patrol car and screaming because she wanted a cigarette.

When denied, she began kicking the window of the patrol car, according to reports. After repeated threats to use the Taser on her if she didn’t stop, to which she allegedly replied, “Tase me!” the officers complied.

On the ride to the jail, Rollens reportedly vomited in the back of the patrol vehicle and was unable to walk into the jail; he was also covered in vomit. Officers had to use a restraint chair to get him inside.

The intoxicated couple were both charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.