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Crime Briefs: A recap of local crimes
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Request for divorce leads to fight

A woman stated that upon filling out divorce papers, her husband allegedly pushed and used explicit language towards the child in the home.

The complainant, Tamara Michelle Smith, stated that when the suspect came home on Wednesday, he allegedly presented divorce papers to Smith. The suspect appeared to be angry when Smith began filling the out the papers. Smith reported that the suspect began yelling and using profane language which caused the child to come into the living room and allegedly told the suspect not to talk to Smith that way.

Smith said the suspect allegedly began yelling and called the child an explicit name while using his chest to push the child up against the living room wall. Smith then stated that the child slapped the suspect and ran away.

The suspect allegedly left the residence when Smith called 911. Smith stated the suspect had been drinking and was driving drunk.

When law enforcement officials were at the residence, the suspect called and Smith and the suspect agreed to stay away from each other for the night.

Cornmeal, sugar and the gas tank don't mix

An unknown perpetrator allegedly damaged a Covington woman's mini van by pouring corn meal and brown sugar into a woman's gas tank.

When officers met with the complainant, Stephanie Green Folkes, on Wednesday she stated that both drivers' side tires were flattened and had two puncture holes on each tire. The driver's door paint was damaged when the unknown suspect attempted to scratch words into the paint.

The gas hatch was open and cap was taken off. There were remnants of corn meal and brown sugar on the ground near the vehicle.

Folkes stated she had no idea who may have done the damage to her vehicle. She stated that no one was mad at her.

Argument leads to woman being choked

A man is arrested for crimes of battery under the Family Violence Act and cruelty to children in the third degree.

Newton County law enforcement officials responded to a family fight call on Saw grass Court on Thursday. When they arrived, the victim, Lorena Marquez, had allegedly been choked by her husband, Santiago Marquez-Enriquez.

Officers reported that they noticed her neck was red with a small red scratch on her neck.

Officers also stated there was a language barrier while speaking with Marquez. Marquez attempted to have someone translate for her on the phone but the translator also did not speak English very well either.

Marquez-Enriquez left the residence upon the deputy's arrival. The husband called a few minutes after his departure and spoke with a deputy. The deputy advised him to return to the residence to give his side of the story.

After investigation and a visible sign of injury, the officer concluded that the husband was the alleged aggressor in the incident.

Marquez-Enriquez was then arrested and transported to the Newton County Jail.