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Crime Brief: Men lose track of the beer count
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A concerned motorist, who reportedly saw a couple possibly having sex in a car while another man threw a beer bottle at a business, called police early Friday morning, leading to three arrests.

Officers found the vehicle with three people in it as it was leaving the Covington Kmart parking lot. The car had one light out and was signaling in one direction, but turning in the other, when officers pulled over the driver, identified as 36-year-old Daniel Ray Miller.

They had Miller step out of his Camaro, and Miller reportedly leaned up against the car almost immediately. He reeked of alcohol and had slurred speech and bloodshot and glassy eyes, according to reports. When asked what he was doing, Miller reportedly told officers that he had come to pick up his son, 20-year-old Travis Alan Padgett, and Padgett’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Haley Michelle Williams, from the nearby Five O’clock Somewhere establishment. Miller said he had pulled over because Padgett and Williams “had to pee.”

He said he didn’t know if anyone threw a bottle at a business or not.

When asked by officers, Miller reportedly said he’d had seven beers that evening. He declined a field sobriety test because, he said, “I won’t do too good at those.”

When officers spoke with Padgett, he allegedly told them he’d consumed three beers at the bar. When asked if he’d seen Miller drinking, he first said Miller had drunk two beers. Then he said he’d had one Four Loco, and then he said Miller had consumed a six-pack in the car and showed officers an empty beer carton behind the driver’s seat.

Padgett and Williams were both arrested and charged with public drunk and possession of an alcoholic beverage under the age of 21. Miller was charged with DUI and defective equipment.

He reportedly fell asleep on the way to the jail, and when officers woke him, said, “No Honey, I will just sleep here.”
When he did a breath test, he blew a .173. The legal limit is Georgia is .08.