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Craig pays off state tax liens
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County Attorney Tommy Craig has paid off $332,531.60 in unpaid state income taxes and penalties dating back to 2003, but still appears to owe several million over unpaid federal income taxes, records show.

Craig has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for owing millions to the internal revenue service while billing the county for over $1.1 million for the 2014 calendar year. A lawyer with the Georgia Attorney General's office told The News that no state law would prevent an individual from working for a county while owing state taxes. 

To date, Craig appears to have paid off his unpaid employment taxes, which are generally not dischargeable in bankrupcy. Craig also appears to have satisfied liens issued against his wife as a nominee. According to, "A nominee situation generally involves a fraudulent conveyance or transfer of a taxpayer’s property to avoid legal obligations."

"To establish a nominee lien situation, it must be shown that while a third party may have legal title to the property, it is really the taxpayer that owns the property and who enjoys its full use and benefit," the site said.