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CPD receives complaint on Jennifer Garners bodyguards
Photographer says laser pointer shined in lens by Jennifer Garner's bodyguard
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A paparazzo called Covington Police to the area near Scoops after one of Jennifer Garner’s bodyguards shined a green laser pointer into their camera lenses Tuesday.

According to reports, at approximately 11:20 a.m. CPD was called to 1143 Oak Street in Covington where photographers were attempting to take pictures of the actress in town to film her upcoming movie “Miracles from Heaven.”

“While they were taking pictures, Jennifer Garner’s bodyguard shined a green laser pointer into the lens to distract the crew,” the CPD report said.

The crew told CPD that the laser pointer could possibly damage their equipment. They also complained of headaches and said their eyes were starting to dilate. EMS was called on scene and advised the complainants to take Tylenol for their headache.

CPD contacted the District Attorney’s office, which said it was not a criminal offense to use laser pointer, unless on a law enforcement officer or airplane, thus it was a civil and not a criminal matter.