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Covington woman found with meth
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A Covington woman was arrested for possession of methamphetamine following a traffic stop Wednesday, according to the Covington Police Department.

According to reports, Donna Smith and Eric Shy were pulled over at a Waffle House when an officer noticed Smith’s vehicle had a hanging tail light. Reports said the officers smelled what they believed to be fresh marijuana in the vehicle, which Shy admitted to having in his possession. Both Smith and Shy were asked to exit the vehicle, and Shy was then arrested and cited for possession of marijuana, reports said.

After officers asked permission to search the vehicle, officers found a 45 caliber handgun under the passenger seat and a cigarette pack that contained a rolled up five dollar bill and one dollar bill. Reports said inside the rolled up bills were small, crystal-like rocks.

Officers determined the cigarette pack belonged to Smith and searched her for more substances, discovering a small plastic bag containing the clear, crystal like substance.

Reports said Smith was then arrested and transported to Newton County Jail. Smith’s offenses included a traffic offense for defective equipment and controlled substance/possession of methamphetamine.