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Covington woman arrested in prostitution sting
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Conyers police are turning their sights to deterring prostitutes, instead of just johns, from coming to Conyers with a recent undercover sting that arrested two women for prostitution and one man for drug possession.

One of the women arrested was Suzette Hall, 35, of Covington, who was charged with prostitution misdemeanor.

Unlike undercover stings for johns, or prostitution customers, the operation for arresting a suspect for prostitution is more complicated, said CPD spokesperson Investigator Kim Lucas.

“We had to do things a little differently,” said Lucas. “It’s a lot more intrusive, a lot more of a dangerous situation.”

Undercover detectives contact suspects who had posted ads and listings on social networking sites. They request the subject to come out to the hotel in Conyers on an “out call.”

Some interaction would take place to establish the intent of why the suspect was there.

During a sting on Wednesday, July 16, two women and one man were arrested.

Beleta Donshee Clayton, 32, of Atlanta was also charged with prostitution and was also found to be in possession of marijuana, less than one ounce.

The man that drove her to the site, Robert Eugene Adams, 28, of Lithonia, was also found to have marijuana and was charged with possession as well as possession of drug related objects.

While no prostitution suspects contacted specifically mentioned wanting to avoid Conyers, as johns had done in past stings, it did take a while to have a prostitute come out to the Conyers site.

This was the first time CPD had conducted a sting on its own targeting prostitution. A joint Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office-Conyers Police sting earlier this year had targeted both johns and prostitutes.

The sting is the latest in a campaign Conyers police have been carrying out this year to deter prostitution activities and the crimes that seem to accompany such activities, such as entered auto thefts, rape and human trafficking.