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Covington man says gun was pointed at him in shower
A Covington man reported to the Covington Police that a man pointed a gun at him while in shower

COVINGTON- A Covington man told the Covington Police Department that while in the shower at a house he was staying in, a group of boys opened the shower curtain and had a gun pointed at him, and were also recording it on a cell phone.

When CPD responded they found approximately 30 people standing outside of the home. The officer reported that while talking to memebers of the group, he noticed someone pull something out of his pocket and appear to place it under the tire well of a nearby vehicle.

When the officer went for the object, the person, identified as Mr. Bell, attempted to beat him to the vehicle to get it.

According to reports the officer got the object, which was a sock with a bulge in it.

“I touched it and felt what I knew to be marijuana,” the officer said in his report.

Mr. Bell was arrested.

While the officer was discovering the object reported to contain marijuana, a fight broke out next door between two males, one of which was the original caller, Daquan Moton.

Moton was also placed under arrest for his involvement in the fight.

Rose buds stolen

A resident on Plantation Circle told the Covington Police Department that someone had removed all the rose buds from the bushes in front of his residence.

According to reports damage was done to his 14 rose bushes.